Some Historical Perspective, Please!

I’m in dire need to get something off my chest concerning this debate we’re having about when, where, how, and why we should “redeploy” the troops in Iraq.  I’ve spent the past several years listening to rocket scientists such as Cindy Sheehan, John Murtha, John Kerry, and every other left-wing mootbat “supporting the troops” on nightly evening news broadcasts and now I need a way to vent, so if you’re offended I apologize in advance.  I truly do not intend to offend so accept my deepest apology for your thin skin.   

Just for the hell of it I’ll tell whomever cares again “why we’re there“ in Iraq and the greater part of the Middle East.  Are you sitting down?  We are there to end the spread of fascism.  That’s it, no other reason.  No long explanation, or statistics, or links to a CATO Institute report or a study.  We aren’t there for oil, or revenge, or because the Jews are tricking us with their secret lizard cabal of world leaders.  We have to stop the spread of fascism in the Middle East to quash terrorism, end of story. 

Thankfully, we are done playing the court ordered warrant game between the justice department and bloodthirsty terrorists that was the U.S. futile weapon of choice throughout the 90’s.  We now officially deliver warrants to these animals from F-16’s at 30,000 feet.  Book ‘em Danno!  Trust me, terrorists would love to return to the days when we relied on fighting back by not fighting.  Sorry Mohammad, the good ole days are long gone and you don’t get a mulligan.  Congratulations, you sucked us into your medieval inbreed way of life and now the only way out for you assholes is to die and meet your virgins.  And by virgins I mean you’re going to burn in hell for eternity right next to that pedophile “prophet” Mohammad.  I’m sorry, that was offensive.  Please don’t chop my head off.  

Capturing Bin Laden or throwing a couple hundred people in jail for being directly linked to the events of 9/11 is not our mission in the war on terror and never should be.  Don’t get me wrong, getting revenge on that goofy bastard Bin Laden would feel oh so good and would warm the cackles of my heart, but make no mistake, it wouldn’t do a damn thing to end terrorism and ensure the safety and preservation of this great country and its way of life.  Do people honestly think capturing Bin Laden would somehow end the threat of terrorism and conclude the Middle East turmoil and war that has been going on for hundreds of years? 

Let’s see what history would have to say about this. Would the simple capture or death of Hitler, Hess, Goering, Goebbels, or Rommel have ended World War II?  These were men in direct control of all the German as well as the Axis’ military assets, which put them in a much greater tactical or strategic role when compared to a “General Bin Laden” or “Field Marshall Zarqawi“.  And still the Nazi leaders demise would have done nothing to stop or slow the spread of fascism; only the use of extreme force could perform that task.  Some would assume the end of brutality at the hands of communism after the death of Stalin, one of the greatest evils against humanity ever to walk this planet.  A few years later enters Nikita Khrushchev, stage left…. Far left!  “We will bury you!”, exclaimed Khrushchev.  So much for cutting off the head of the serpent.

War in the Middle East has been going on for hundreds, if not thousands of years.  Contrary to what you’re spoon-fed by the media, terrorism and the murder of Americans was going on before President Bush took office.  Which by the way, as a side note, not just war, but other terrible things occurred on our planet pre-Bush — famine, AIDS, the extinction of the spotted owl, the cancellation of Seinfeld, and even global warming, or global cooling (that’s right, global cooling), or whatever it is this decade.    

Let’s review — we are fighting a war in the Middle East to dispatch the existing autocratic and theocratic governments that are the sole reason terrorism exists today.  These governments breed terrorism and hate through brute force and the aforementioned system known as fascism.  Okay, so that should be enough to garner the support of even the shrillest of the left wing, right?  Apparently, an explanation as simple as fighting fascism isn’t enough, so maybe I’ll rant for a bit more.  We can all argue, and should argue, the finer points of whether fighting Iraq’s insurgency filled with terrorist, thugs, and criminals is better fought with more or less troops, or that the cash we’re spending isn’t worth the investment, but in the end we should all agree that President Bush is trying to make the world a better place, no matter how misguided you might think his policies are.  I hope we can all agree that in fact Michael Moore was wrong and we aren’t there to build a pipeline so Bush’s “big oil buddies” can make billions.  Does anyone really think President Bush is fighting the war on terror for anything other then what he thinks is in our best interest?  That he’s some modern day Hitler trying to exterminate Muslims like they were Jews in Vienna?  Even if you disagree with the war you can’t honestly think he’s evil, can you?   

History 101 — Every President that’s ever held public office has had the misfortune and pain of sending troops to fight and die to defend our way of life; some leaders forced more than others through historical events.  Republicans and democrats alike have had to send American soldiers to their deaths (link) and to think any of them didn’t cry themselves to sleep at night is a sad state of affairs on your part.  The below numbers don’t lie, and I think history has or will absolved all these leaders for the hard choices they had to make.  Our hands were forced and our country answered with certainty.  How many U.S. soldiers paid the ultimate price to protect our freedom and the worlds?

·  Lincoln (Civil War) – 618,000

·  Wilson (WWI) – 126,000

·  Roosevelt (WWII) – 600,000

·  Truman (Korea) – 33,686

·  Kennedy (Vietnam) – 58,000

·  Carter (Op Desert One) – 8

·  Reagan (Beirut) – 241

·  Bush 41 (Desert Storm) – 363

·  Clinton (Somalia) – 18

·  Bush 43 (Middle East) – 2,773

I wish everyone could just put their political bickering, no, bitching aside and think for a minute about what this country and what this world would be like if it wasn’t for the above sacrifices by these men.  Tell a black friend that the civil war wasn’t worth it to end slavery.  Tell a Jewish friend that WWII wasn’t worth it to end fascism’s holocaust.  Or maybe that the Korean, Vietnam and Cold War weren’t worth it to slow the spread of communism and the systemic murder of over 100 million human lives behind the iron curtain.  Tell the over one million soldiers who have fallen in our history that no war is worth it and that they all died in vain. 

Calling our President and the leader of the free world (aka western civilization) a dictator or fascist also belittles what these men paid for with their lives.  Hyperbole and anecdotal data is always an efficient and expedient way to try and prove a political point but not putting anything you say or write into historical perspective is self-serving and just plain sad.  Case in point, protesting that a government data mining your phone records is akin to fascism, no matter how many times you shout it, doesn’t make it so.  Hundreds of millions have died at the hands of true tyrannical fascism and disrespecting their sacrifices by comparing them to your privacy concerns is just ignorant.  Please research a little of what Stalin (link) or Hitler (link) did to their own citizens to help gain this perspective before you open your big mouth on this subject again. 

Think about how countries like Germany, Japan, Italy, England, France, South Korea, France, Poland, and countless others are better off (and are now U.S. allies) today because of the necessary evil that is war.  Yes, I know I listed France twice; it’s not a typo.  This list of allies is increasing every day as countries like Russia, Afghanistan, and yes – even Iraq are added; much to the chagrin of the politically expedient and opportunistic democrat.   

An even better mental exercise is to think about the cost of NOT waging some wars and battles.  Six million Jews lost their lives in Poland and Germany and throughout Europe because Neville Chamberlain thought protectionism would spare England from Hitler.  How many of those lives could have been spared if action were taken sooner?  Rwanda would have about a million more people alive today if Clinton had decided it was in our best interest to stop the genocide the Hutu were inflicting on the Tutsis population through the business end of a machete.  Like the saying goes, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.   

Again, historical perspective is the one thing that is in such short supply in this debate over Iraq.  Don’t tell me the financial cost is too high when World War II cost the U.S. almost four trillion dollars (that’s trillion, with a t).  Don’t tell me that civilian casualties are too high in Iraq when Germany lost 2 million, China lost 9 million, and Russia lost 19 million non-military citizens in WWII.  The Russians lost an estimated 14% of their total population.  Over half of all lives lost in WWII were civilian (link).  So, don’t tell me President Bush is a war criminal for locking up terrorists in Guantanamo Bay when FDR jailed actual American citizens simply for being of a certain ethnicity.  It’s estimated that over 100,000 Japanese soldiers and 72,000 American service men were killed in the battle taking the city of Okinawa.  This prompted us to drop a couple atomic bombs on major Japanese cities instead of trying to take the Japanese mainland.  So, don’t tell me how great the loss of life is with respect to this war because America is bending over backwards to ensure minimal civilian casualties.  Some historical perspective, please!

Most of all, don’t tell me this war isn’t necessary and ask why we are there ever again.  If you don’t know by now why we are there then you are in desperate need of a library card and maybe the history channel.  But I know writing a post like this is a waste of my time and it will not change the mind of one liberal with an ulterior political agenda.  I know all too well how issues such as abortion on demand, or socialized medicine trump this war.  But at the same time, I know these same people supported President Clinton and his wars and would have supported FDR in his, and I commend them for that.  Who knows, once they have “their” guy in the oval office maybe we can all come back together and support the troops and war effort as one?  For all our sakes I hope so.  We desperately need some unificating, for lack of a better word.

But until then, take solace in the fact that history will vindicate this great country…. it always does!


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  1. Amen brother! Amen!

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