Your Boss Is A Knut!

That’s right; the world has a new animal to go ape shit over.  Or should I say polar bear shit over?  It’s Kunt, err, I mean Knut the cute little polar bear.  Here’s a photo of her, well, her underbelly. 


Some sicko pedobeastialityphile is getting his jollies right now because the Germans just don’t know when to say when.  Is America allowing the Germans to do stuff again, like run zoos?  That’s how it begins; first zoos, then Poland.  Hitler is turning over in his mass grave right now.  Thanks to this lovable little fuzz ball, the world should be distracted just long enough for ~800 people to starve to death under tyrannical rule.  Not that we’re easily distracted, but when will…. hey look, a raccoon!


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