The Straw That Should Break The Camel’s Back

But will not!  Am I the only one who has connected the four dots over the Iranian’s act of war this past week? 

Dot One: About three weeks ago Russia informs the islamic Republic of Iran that if they don’t pay them for services rendered they will stop building their nuclear reactor for them.  What?  You didn’t actually think those mad mullah idiots in Iran could build a reactor did you?  They know how to pump oil from the side of a sand dune, and that’s about the full extent of their knowledge guys. 

Dot Two: About two weeks ago the islamic Republic of Iran kidnaps another countries citizens in international waters, and continue to parade them around for all the world to see.  We won’t argue the finer points of whether the British soldiers were or were not in Iranian waters (by the way, they weren’t).  Although,  they did say they were.  Of course, this was while being filmed and with the business end of a Soviet made AK-47 to their heads.  As a point of reference, America “catches” millions of another countries citizens every year and returns them to their respective country of origin.  Well, not until we give them a good hot meal, a bath, and maybe some money.  Then, when we catch those same people trying to sneak in again, we have an offical policy – wash, rinse, repeat. 

Dot Three: Since the kidnapping of the Britons, the price of oil has shot through the roof; almost $10 a barrel over the past couple of weeks.  This 20% rise over the past few weeks has been almost completely related directly to the kidnapping of the British Soldiers.  Hmmmm, I can tell you’re starting to connect the dots too.

Dot Four: This last and final dot has not occurred yet, but I can guarantee that over the next several weeks the islamic Republic of Iran will continue to do whatever it has to do to ensure the price of oil rises, and they make enough extra money to buy their nuclear reactor from the commie Russians.  I’m sorry, I mean freedom loving Russians who want to be our friends and is not, I repeat, is not bitter about getting their asses handed to them in the cold war.  The best part for the Iranians is that they do not even have to pay the Russians any money.  The Russians, one of the biggest oil producers in the world, are making billions more just by Iran’s actions over the past several weeks.  Hell, Russia will probably give Iran the reactor for free now.  BRILLIANT!!!!!    

 So, to recap…. Iran + International Crisis = Higher Oil Prices = More Money =  Happy Commies = Nukes. 

Got it?  Good.  Now, on to something much more important.  How about them Red Sox?    


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