You Can’t Spell Hypocrite…

… without the word hippy.  Well, sort of; if you spelled hippy with just one ‘p’, but you get the point.  You also can’t spell hypocrite without the words cipher toy or yo pitcher, but that has nothing to do with this post so shut up Tenoso.  Needless to say, one of Hollywood’s (hold owls yo) dirtiest of hippies has always been at the top of the hypocrite list.  None other than the global warming (bra mall gig now) hater John Travolta (java thorn lot).  Okay, I’ll stop with the anagrams (a mans rag).  Got to love this aerial photo of Travolta’s house/air port terminal. 


Johnny has such a large “carbon footprint” (that’s hippie talk for human waste, aka living) he’s the bigfoot of polluters.  If you assholes really wanted to save your mother earth, I’d suggest not seeing another Travolta flick; as if anyone’s done that since Pulp Fiction.  Either that, or kill yourself, and you know what my vote would be.  When asked to comment about his small airline, he was quoted as saying, “Whut?, When?, Where?”  But Mr. Travolta, you preach that we have to live withthe planet and must stop global warming.  Do you see anything odd about Dulles International Airport surrounding your house?  With a dumb look on his face he replied, “Hey, Mr. Kotter.  Up your nose with a rubber hose!”       

Well, if the dumb ass sweathog can’t answer any questions we’ll move on to someone a little further up the food chain of brains.  Prince Charles decided to vacation in Scotland over the Easter holiday and took this 500 mile trip with his private royal jet.  Who wouldn’t, right?  He burned, in fuel, what amounts to thirty commercial flights.  Basically, what an average human (us plebs) would burn in our life-time.  They would have burned significantly less fuel if it wasn’t for Prince Dumbo’s gigantic f**king ears creating such a wind-sheer and drag on the jets coefficient.

I love the fact that these rich and famous folks get to do these extravagant things.  I want to be among these elite snobs so I can tell all my friends to kiss my ass anytime I want to…. and they’d actually do it!  I just wish these “preachers” would shut their holier-than-thou mouths about what the rest of us should and shouldn’t do.  Enjoy your silver spoon, fly over all of us peasants, and let us eat cake every once in a great while.  But please, until you have a PhD in ANYTHING other than spending money and slapping the shit out of your maid, shut up!!!!!!  If they’ll both fit, shove your head and your trust fund up your ass, take a long walk off a short peer, and maybe do all this while playing in traffic.  Thanks.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, there are primarily two kinds of workers on this big planet of ours — ones who earn a living with their brawn and others with their brains.  You know, freight handlers or web developers.  If you can’t do one, you do the other.  Sometimes you could be good at both, such as a successful serial killer.  These guys have to really plan a days work out over several months and then trust me, it ain’t easy carrying 145 lbs through the woods, in the middle of the night, and then dig a gigantic freaking hole.  Remember, shallow grave = get caught, every time.  Like my dad always said, if you decide to be something, be the best at it.  

Then there are the few who earn a living doing neither.  No brains and no brawn.  You know, these dip-shits in Hollywood.  Actors, musicians, and the king ding-a-ling, artists (e.g., painters, sculptors).  God bless you for the services you perform, entertaining us like the monkeys that you are.  I mean, I love movies and music.  But do you see ditch diggers and McDonald’s workers on TV telling us what we should and shouldn’t do?  No!  Remember, you Hollywood freaks are just rich versions of these idiots.  You just happened to win the gene pool lottery of life you water-head.  So, just let People magazine take photos of your ass like we pay you to do, you hookers.  If you really want to save the planet, go to school and become something productive on this planet, like we all did. 

Don’t go flying around the world, expanding your global carbon footprint, adopting every kid in the rainbow just because your nannies are bored.  Just because you advocate the government-funded (genocidal) aborting of every ethnic group in America, doesn’t mean we still don’t have every kid in the rainbow to adopt here.  What a bunch of inconsiderate pricks!  Because of these high profile adoptions by movie stars, China now says they want to stop all these Americans from adopting their kids.  It makes them look bad.  So, Brad, you saved one kid, but guaranteed the deaths and misery of ten of thousands of other Chinese kids.  Hey, look on the bright side… oh wait, no bright side.

So, what is the point here?  Well, if you’re really smart and have knowledge beyond the average man concerning the imminent destruction of life on Earth as we know it, then by all means speak.  Good luck finding a camera that wants to film your goofy ass.  On the other hand, if you couldn’t quite manage to finish High School without the help of a community college and after you hit the ripe old age of 25, then SHUT UP!!!!  Now, entertain me you hairless monkey.  Dance I say, dance.                 


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  1. The Wearer of the Pants

    “…You know, freight handlers or web developers. If you can’t do one, you do the other. Sometimes you could be good at both, such as a successful serial killer. ”

    Hmmm…Wait a second!

    Also, found this blog you would probably love…

  2. “Because of these high profile adoptions by movie stars, China now says they want to stop all these Americans from adopting their kids. It makes them look bad. So, Brad, you saved one kid, but guaranteed the deaths and misery of ten of thousands of other Chinese kids. Hey, look on the bright side… oh wait, no bright side.”

    This amuses me to no end. That’s a particular pet peeve of mine. Yeah, it’s great saving needy kids from all over the world, but what the heck is wrong with all the needy kids here in America? Apparently adopting little Johnny from an orphanage in Nebraska just isn’t as hip as adopting Nabeeba from [random country in Africa].

  3. Numero Uno HDW Fan

    Personally, I think this is the best one yet. I cant remember the last time I laughed that hard…the sad part is that everything you said is so obviously TRUE!!
    I have always been greatful that Madonna and Kanye West get to tell my kids how to vote because none of us should be making decisions without Hollywood’s well informed input.
    AMEN Scott!!!

    PS…Of course, I too (along with The Wearer of the Pants) was concerned about your reference to serial killers with freight handlers and developers….do I have to stop by every night on my way home??

  4. So, my woman is now frequenting another blog and then posting about it on my blog? Have you no decency woman? We’ll talk about this tonight! And as far as my aspirations of one day being a serial killer, that too shall pass; just like it did when I was eight and wanted to be a fireman or astronaut.

  5. The Wearer of the Pants

    Sorry dear… for some reason I thought Johnny batted for the other team (as in the Right Wing consipiracy). I googled and that came up.

  6. “…You know, freight handlers or web developers. If you can’t do one, you do the other. Sometimes you could be good at both, such as a successful serial killer. ”

    At least someone respects the work I performed

    I’ll get Travolta @ his airport in Ocala next…

    Good stuff

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