Those Funny Marines

Grunts Rock!

Durka, Durka!


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  1. Marines are pieces of shit….nuff said.

  2. ghostface3… shawn… ur both fuckin fags… nuff said

  3. *agrees with devildog* … nuff said

  4. LOL did you guys cry and wet your pants when you saw that pic?

  5. Ghost face and shawn, Marines are the reason why you both have the privilege of sitting on your fatasses and post that comment, now get up and go excercise kids.

  6. ghostface3 and shawn you don’t even know what your talken about so shut the fuck up

  7. Best part of this pic is the little automated part right at the bottom.

    /me loving how people can be so retarted.

    Durka durka

  8. This is fuckin hilarious!!!!

  9. To be honest, even jews wouldn’t do such a thing, abusing other guys ignorance of their own language, well I am 110% sure that this soldier can’t read arabic, but the problem is that we would never do the same thing with him.

    I hope he is dead now, sooner or later you all will be

  10. hahaha ths pic is freakn hilarious

  11. Fuck you ungreatful little cowards that don’t have the balls to talk shit about a Marine to his face. 0311 is right.

  12. I’d say that this puts a bad name on the Corps. Probably sets them back a good fifty years or so.

    Yep, I’m a former Marine and a Marine DI at that.

    Semper Fi

    • OORAH!!(:
      Marines are the shit!
      My brother is actually a former Marine, Camp Pendleton baby!!!
      Semper Fi ’till I die.


  14. Listen here you little fuckers hatin’ on the Corps,
    How about you try to get off tour lazy ass & go through boot camp & go through SOI/ ITB, then lets see if you can hate.
    Don’t fuckin’ hate on someone that protects your fat asses! Marines are the only reason your writing this. If Marines weren’t here, shit you’d be a little pussy crying next to your mommie for help!
    Watch what you post next time!

    Semper Fi ‘Till I Die!



  16. Semper fi til i die

    I personally cant wait to join the corps and serve with the great men and women who GAVE THEIR FUCKING LIVES SO THAT YOU LITTLE SHITS CAN JERK OFF AND HAVE FUN ALL DAY. you little fucks!

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