Luke, I’m A Lesbian!

Below is the first paragraph in an article about a lesbian couple complaining about an issue no one with a job cares about.  But, what I do care about is the name of one of the lesbians…..

GILLETTE, Wyo. — Leah Vader and Lynne Huskinson, a lesbian couple who got married in Canada last August, sent a letter recently to their state legislator decrying a Wyoming bill that would deny recognition of same-sex marriages. The lawmaker read the letter on the floor of the Legislature.

Are you kidding me!  Princess Leah is a lesbian now?!?!?!  I blame that whole falling in love with her brother thing.  Nothing like a little incest to push chicks away from dudes and into the arms of another woman.  Hey, it could be worse, she could be married to a wookie.  You know what they say, “once you go wookie, no one else gets that nookie.”

 Wookie Love, oh wee, oh wee, oh…. I think I want to know yeah!

Gwuuuulllllll!!!!!  (translation: I Heart Human Chicks)


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