We The People Need To Be Controlled

Gun Control 101

That’s right, and who better to do this then our elected officials.  Without a doubt they know exactly what’s best for us.  On the federal level I think congressmen and senators should pass bills that will ensure that every citizen, from Topeka, Kansas, to New York City is protected.  Especially from guns!  And I should know, since I lived in a neightborhood full of guns, and violence, and death.  Gun violence everywhere.  Kids dying.  Young adults today taking pistols to college campi and killing 32 of his fellow classmates.

 I can tell you first hand the immoral act we are inflicting on everyone on this planet because of gun ownership.  My mother and father and sister all had guns shoved in their faces, being saved only by complying to the demands of a hungry poor man, just trying to get by.  It wasn’t his fault, the guns are everywhere.  I’m sure it was just thrust upon him, like all guns are in the under world. 

A friend of the family, Mr. Voshe, a 70 year-old immigrant, was gunned down in his place of business simply because he wouldn’t let drug dealers conduct their own business transactions in front of his store.  This was very sad and could have been stopped by simple gun control laws.  Take these guns out of the hands of all citizens and violence in this country will surely disappear.  Mr Voshe would be alive today if not for guns.  Those drug dealers wouldn’t have been able to kill this noble hard working man without a gun.  For God’s sake, control these animals from killing us all.  

Evil such as this can only be stopped with gun control legislation.  How can the citizens of this country allow the federal government not to take away our constitutional right to bear arms.  There are 250 million guns in this country, and no one has yet to march down our streets and take these weapons from us?  How dare you tell me you have a right to own a fire arm to “protect” your family.  Don’t tell me that it can’t be done.  The island of Great Britian, about the size of Florida I think, has done just that.  No guns there I must say.  Granted, violent crime is still way up, but gun violence is way down.  Win-Win!!!! 

Yes, it’s true that the ones that need these guns to protect their families the most are the honest citizens living and conducting business in the poorer neighborhoods.  Yes, most of the gun violence in the school system takes place in these same poor neighborhoods.  But does that mean these people have a right to defend themselves just because they live in these areas?  Did my Dad have some “right” to have a gun when he was mugged and knocked out by someone with less means than him?  Did Mr. Voshe?

Well, most of us do not live in these areas.  Only about 50 million of you do; a total of around 20% maybe, tops.  Yes, y’all folks in the hood may make up 80% of the gun fatalities, but what about the rare occasions when a person of parlor, of means, is gunned down, such as in the case of the Virginia Tech shootings.  As rare as this situation may be, this is when it’s time for action.  Yes, over 100 people will die this weekend in the hood at the hands of a gun, just like always.  Yes, 1,000 will die in automobile accidents this weekend as well.  This cannot belittle the needs of every American to sleep well at night, knowing no one has a gun.  Well, except the police.  Oh, and the military.  And oh yeah, maybe criminals.

Once we have these guns out of the hands of every day citizens of America, we can start the healing.  We can start the process of taking back our country.  Yes, we may have to kick in a few doors.  We may have to endure a few 10,000 or so of these Waco situations; but isn’t the investment worth it?  For the kids?

As we all know, one of the root causes of all this violence and love of guns stems from movies and TV.  That, and maybe video games.  Oh, and books.  Once we’ve outlawed these guns we can start making real progress and get these images of guns off of my TV, and movie screens, and books.  Of course, we’ll need to maybe start a national administration to control the flow of gun information.  And history books, promoting the use of guns will need to be “modified” to ensure our children’s children know no pain.  The use of guns throughout history to free us from British rule, or to end slavery, or maybe to slow the march of communism or crush fascism – these need to be “altered” just ever so slightly. 

I know what you’re thinking; Scott, this sounds ever so slightly like what they had in communist Russia or China.  Yeah, but how many people have died at the hands of a gun in those countries over the past 100 years?  Actually, don’t answer that.  What I mean to say is we’ll do it smarter.  We all know communism failed because it wasn’t done smarter.  If we slowly take away these rights, err, I mean guns, we can ensure a paradise beyond belief. 

Utopia is in our grasp.  No poor, no hungry.  No guns, no gun violence.  We just need someone with courage to stand up and say, we’re not taking this anymore.  You don’t have a right to a gun.  You don’t have a right to a magazine or book that promotes the use of said gun.  You don’t have a right to bear arms my friend. 

Now, give us your guns, or we will have men with guns kick in your door and take them from you.    



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  1. This is fantastic. Mind if I link to it?

    Oh and I’d be interested in hearing your theories on arming school teachers. We were discussing that at work and I think more and more people are considering it a viable option know thanks to these wackos. If one of those professors had a gun I think things might have turned out differently.

    Of course, someone did point out that if anyone has the potential to snap, it’s a teacher with a class full of punk teenagers. 🙂

  2. You really had me scared there at the start – I thought you had finally lost it. The idea of you supporting, not just gun control, but the complete loss of an Ameican’s rights was a very scary thought.

    Once again, you have placed your fingure directly on the point so many people miss. Great Job!!

  3. As the sister posted in this article(?) I must comment. My children are just now playing with water guns and toy plastic guns because for over 15 years I was unable to have even toy guns pointed at me after the trauma of a real gun being pointed at my head. It is not easy to describe the feelings you have knowing this could be your last minute on earth. My husband argues for gun ownership and he does own one, but he could not tell you where I have it hidden in our home. I am that afraid of guns.

    Go Scott!!!! Lead the revolution!!!!

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