Lost In Space

Seems like this weeks episode of Lost (D.O.C.) just reaffirmed my belief that the castaways are indeed in an infinite time travelling loop (Grandmother Paradox).  The only question I have is whether it’s self-inflicted or otherwise.  And like I said before, I should know about infinite loops since I’m the king of coding such IT logical fallacies (aka, Jasper).  We all remember that first infinite loop we come across as a child, right?  The one thing that can bring a computer (or Dr. Spock) to its knees…. that’s right — wash, rinse, repeat.  Damn you Head and Shoulders.  

So, let’s just recap the Space Time Continuum hypothesis for Lost that we have been working on for a couple years now.

  1. Oceanic Flight 815 crashes on the island.  All of the survivors of the crash start trying to get off the island.
  2. The island happens to be a massive scientific laboratory.  Said laboratory was actually built by people from the future.  These people from the future may be back here for no other reason but to explore/study the past or maybe to correct a catastrophic event.  I’m leaning towards a near extinction event.  With that recent movie about women of the future being barren I would hope the Lost writers wouldn’t go near that one.  But I have an idea which I will explain further down. 
  3. It remains to be confirmed, but these people from the future (who I do not believe are necessarily the others, so we’ll call them the island’s curators) more than likely knew of the flights fatal demise (because of historical records) and this plays into their needs.  The recent future, such as that of the woman from the helicopter who crashed, may indeed think everyone was killed, because they were, in that iteration.  Who’s to say that twenty years later from her present, in the future future, that this fact wasn’t later revised.  Or maybe the island isn’t in the same space/time continuum (roman foot anyone)?  The passengers that did die and the parts of the plane that did crash “off” of the island may well have already been found.  If the machine that Desmond set-off caused the crash, what’s to say it didn’t “turn on” the islands space/time capabilities and save those who were caught in its magnetic pull.
  4. If one castaway, just one, figures out how to “get off” the island by utilizing the same technology that the curators use to travel back to the island time with, and they themselves travel back to an even earlier time, then a new iteration begins.  This is bad for the ultimate experiment and was an unintended result that the curators were not anticipating.  Sort of a live by the sword die by the sword situation.   
  5. The castaway(s) that successfully travels back in time to “stop” the tragedy that is flight 815 must also be stopped by the island curators for the same reason they need the crash on the island to occur in the first place.  The time traveller may also not have a clear picture of what to do once they’ve taken the trip back in time.  Future events may seem like deja’vu, ala Desmond.  This can explain why the castaways continue to draw themselves closer and closer to each other in the past without knowing why.
  6. If the curators stop the castaway(s) from successfully preventing the crash then the crash will again happen (back to step one).  This will explain why the curators are only concerned with certain castaways; the ones that have travelled back in time before maybe and are getting too close to outsmarting them and stopping the experiment.  If the castaway time traveler does succeed in stopping the crash then they will not be on the island and will not be capable of travelling back in time to stop the crash in the first place. 
  7. This is the Grandmother Paradox, and may actually be the sole reason for everything on the island (theory two).  Just to define the Grandmother Paradox (for anyone new), it’s when a person travels back in time, kills their grandmother, is not born because of this action, so he never exists to travel back in time to kill his Grandmother, and so he is in fact born after-all, and does go back in time to kill his Grandmother, ad nauseum.  Wash, rinse, repeat. 
  8. Ponder this — What if one of the castaways was in fact the owner of the “evil” company behind all of this?  If only there was a millionaire on the island?  Hmmm????  Think about it; they keep traveling back, each time getting closer to getting out of the infinite loop.  If one of them can setup “easter eggs” for the others to find then many things can happen, such as winning the lottery or starting multinational companies.  Scheduling food drops, hiring people to hire people to come to the island, bringing in polar bears and horses.  But how do you break the infinite loop that is the grandma paradox?  This is just far off speculation of course.  Let’s just assume for now that the island curators are in fact the time travelers and the castaways the prisoners.  

So,  the $100,000 question is what are the island curators doing?  Well, last nights episode explained a lot.  If we are all correct with the theory that appears to be forming about time travel, then I think I know what the whole “island” experiment is about.  What if the future extinction event was indeed something that could not be prevented.  Something like an asteroid that can’t be stopped maybe.  Maybe the island curators are attempting to populate the future with residents of the past.  Sounds stupid when you first think about it, but what if they are attempting to just leap frog the event?  Imagine being able to pick and chose who gets to make up the human race (Hitler would be so proud)?  Sounds like you’d only want doctors and such, right?  You might want to even test their mettle before you subject them to time travel and the future, to ensure they are worthy.  Maybe they’ve been doing it for a long time now but with one problem for the time travellers; and that problem is infertility.  

Maybe women who are transported that are already pregnant, die?  This is what they are experimenting with now.  I don’t have my head around it yet, but what if the grandmother paradox of time travel has something to do with this too?  Can an unborn child travel through time if their mother’s die before they are born?  This would mean they are already slightly in the future on the island.  Getting pregnant on the island means death; getting prego before is fine.  Maybe people who travel forward in time before their souls are intact or created cannot create life themselves, such as unborn children?  Maybe in the future their children are assholes?  Sorry, had to throw in a quick Back to the Future Doc and Marty reference. 

I’m at a loss I guess, which would mean we’re right on shedule this season.  I just wish I had a tape recorder right now, so I could turn it off and say, “J.J. Abbrams, I hate you!”

Oh, one more thing — dead hookers.



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  1. The Wearer of the Pants

    I am here with one exception. The word ‘iteration’. Iteration implies one loop. In my previous ponderings, I purposefully used the word instance. For IT geeks, we associate this separate instances of object code running on the same or even separate servers. The believe we have the same object code and infrastructure ALL EXISTING AT HE SAME TIME, however the transactions are making each instance unique. This still fully supports time travel. However, how the ponderer wraps the mind around the concept is a little different. By having these instances coexisting, this allows the old lady in desmond’s flashback to come back and get him and take him to a future state. I’m no expert in time travel, but with the grandmother’s paradox, I think the web would get too tangled to allow instance jumping.

    From Wikipedia…

    var i, a := 0 // initialize a before iteration
    for i from 1 to 3 { // loop three times
    a := a + i // increment a by the current value of i
    print a // the number 6 is printed


    ONE LOOP!!

  2. The Wearer of the Pants

    … And if you dare post pseudo code with a method containing a loop that calls itself, you better buy a big bottle of lotion! Regardless, that doesn’t cover it. Instance and iteration are not the same. 🙂

  3. The Wearer of the Pants

    … And yes, we are that geeky!!

  4. //Battle of the Geeks, round 1
    String mindy = “wrong”;
    boolean scottsRight = false;

    if (mindy.equals(“wrong”))
    scottsRight = true;
    scottsRight = false;

    System.out.println(“Scott Is Right: ” + scottsRight);

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