Who’s Your Daddy?

Epiphany Alert!  Epiphany Alert! Epiphany Alert!

So, I was watching the latest episode of Lost last night and had a slight epiphany concerning everyone on the island.  What does everyone on the island have in common?  What is that one common thread between them all?  Well, I think I have a small one after tonight.

  • What did Kate do?  Hate her (step) Daddy.  Then decided to kill her (step) Daddy.
  • What did Locke do?  Hate his terrible Daddy.  Then had Sawyer kill his Daddy.
  • What did Dr. Jack do?  Hate his Dad (which may also be Claire’s Dad) and turn his Dad in for drinking on the job.  His Daddy killed himself I think.
  • What did Sawyer do?  Well, he hated his Dad for sure, but they say his Dad killed his Momma and then himself.  Maybe; or maybe his Daddy just got around to killing Sawyer’s Momma and little Sawyer took care of the rest. 
  • What did Hurley do?  Hate his Dad that abandoned him.  Not sure if he’s dead, but I have a strange feeling we’re going to find out he was in the mental institution for killing him.
  • What did Sun do?  Well, we know her Dad is very bad and not much else.  I’m more convinced we’ll find out soon that Jin maybe took care of him too.
  • What did Walt do?  Not that this has happened, but we all know Walt has Daddy issues and who knows what he’ll do to Michael next season or who knows, maybe he has already.
  • What did Ben do?  Well, I guess you’ve noticed the trend.  That’s right, he hated and then killed his Dad. 

What are the odds this is just dumb luck?  What else is there to read into tonights epiphany?  Not sure yet, so please help before I kill someone (my Dad is already gone, so who will I kill?).  Sounds for sure like either they’re leaning towards this Daddy issue, or maybe J.J. Abrams is the one with the Daddy issues.  That’s my vote for now. 


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  1. Jin tells everyone that his dad is dead because he is ashamed that he is a fisherman.

    I do not think it will be long before Alex kills her father (Ben).

    Shannon and Boone’s father/step-father was dead and there was tension about the inheritance.

  2. That’s right, I forgot about the long dead Shannon and Boone kids. Maybe this whole killing the father thing has something to do with the mother’s not making it past child birth. What’s to say Ben hasn’t infected the island with something to figure out a cure for the same thing his mom died from while giving birth to him. Ben has really got some issues and after last nights episode proves to be a super nut job after all.

  3. but the woman who get pregnant on the island never make it to birth, unlike Ben’s mom. Island girls (not the bar) get knocked up and die within their 2nd trimester.

  4. Don’t forget about Desmond. Penny’s father tried to buy him to get Des away from her. What about Eko’s lack of a father….

  5. That’s true, I forgot about that one too. I’m sure Eko’s Dad will come into play soon. Or did Eko kill his “heavenly father” when he killed his brother the priest? BRILLIANT!!!!

  6. The Wearer of the Pants

    The Eko brother thing is a bit of a stretch. Eko did not kill his brother! He was not innocent in his death, but he did not die by his hand. The fact the the black smoke killed him means he doesn’t need to fit the pattern anyway. He’s an anomaly on his own.

    The daddy theory I like. I still refuse to let go of Walt being a key piece in this. His character was too mystical and woven into the plot to be a passerby. I can’t wait until he and Michael are back.

  7. I don’t watch the coming previews for the next week so excuse me if I’m stating the obvious, but I’m positive they’ll end the season with Michael and Walt coming back somehow or finding out they never left. As far as Eko goes, we know nothing about his father so he may be a bad man as well. Point being, not one good dad in any character’s history at all. Not even one!!!!

    Well, except Jin’s dad. Maybe he’s controlling the whole island. He pretends to be an old fisherman with a small weakness for the occational hooker here and there. But, he’s actually that bad guy off of the movie Big Trouble In Little China. HAHAHA!!!!!

  8. brilliant! a theory i have never read and a good one because of all the pieces that fit and still anomalies remain. super interesting…



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