Ben Caught Stealing


Maybe Ben is the one “infecting” the women on the island before they get pregnant????  This is why the ones already pregnant make it full term.  He brings in all of these doctors to research and cure whatever was ailing his mother, using everyone on the island to experiment on for all his guinea pig needs.  Once he’s discovered the cure he can… wait for it, here it comes… you know what I’m going to say people… that’s right – travel back in time and save his mother at his own birth. 

You knew I had to cling to the time travelling theory folks… that’s my baby (there, there, little one; here’s a bottle). 

Was it me, or did the dude with the black hair (from soap operas I think) in the jungle look the same age 40 years ago with little Ben?  Was that just bad film making, or was he not aging?  I have a feeling the hostiles were the ones doing the time travelling, not the Darma hippie freaks.  It appears they were just a bunch of cult members maybe.  I know, the fence seems pretty technicial for a group of stoners, but what if that fence wasn’t there to keep out the hostiles but rather to keep in the Darma folks.  We know Ben’s mother was coming to him in the middle of the night and maybe was the one who gave him the passcode to the fence.  Okay, I’m rambling for sure now.  

Ben also requires anyone he trusts enough to let into his circle of (cult) friends to kill their fathers.  Maybe because he hates his father so much that he’s just a d|ck like that, but more likely it’s that the fathers have proven to be fertile enough to reproduce by the simple fact of siring a child.  This may introduce something into the control group of the experiment that is not acceptable.  We know the ole kung-fu master is shooting blanks, but what about the rest of the island?  Any of them have kids?  Micheal has Walt, but they were promptly asked to leave the island more or less.  Ben certainly couldn’t have a fertile brother roaming the island full of hot white chicks (oh we, oh we, oh).  Any other dudes sowing their seeds of love yet?  We all know if this was a real world situation they’d be having a nightly beach orgy, and I’m assuming Kate hasn’t filled her birth control pills at the local island Walgreens on the corner of coconut tree and sand dune.

Oh crap, here comes my boss!!!!        


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  1. The Wearer of the Pants

    I’m really liking how this one is coming together… Ben causing this to happen to women in an attempt to save his mother. It makes a lot of sense.

    The thing that is bothering me is how many loops they’re throwing in. Walt is significant somehow. Plus time travel. Now Ben’s mother (which works with time travel). They even threw in parachute lady to remind us that this is reality and not a mystical black hole. I can handle all of this until you throw in a mostly invisible guy.

    I’m okay with convoluting the plot though… its bringing back the old Lost we all grew to adore so much. 🙂

  2. To comment on the above, the “Kung Fu” master is not shooting blanks any more, ala Sun’s (or is it Jin’s??) pregnancy. His ninjas are Crane kicking their way into the holy land with authorit-a. Ben’s mom is appearing on the island just like Jack’s Dad, Kate’s black horse (bet you forgot about that), Hurly’s insane buddy from the padded hotel, and so on. I think Ben’s mom is not on the island, but it’s just his turn to see stuff. As for the code to the fence, you have to just accept the fact that people just come up with numbers. Remember “THE” numbers? Where the hell have they been? Probably hanging out with Walt, Rose and Bernard at the giant 4 toed statue. I’m waiting for the Ms. Clue tie in soon. I have to think she’s coming back shortly. Can anyone confirm that the symbols on the count-down clock translate into Causitive Die, or Cause To Die?

  3. What were the numbers for the code to the fence? I’m sure they added up to 108 when multiplied by potato. IRregardless, I’m ready for this weeks exciting episode where I do believe Jack discovers that the big four toe foot statue was actually once alive and belonged to the original “hostiles” on the island. Oh, and it has a bad case of athletes foot.

    Cause to Die???? I have not heard of this. I also forgot there was even a hatch and numbers and Walt and an interacial older couple. Good catch. Oh the good ole days, back when Lost didn’t answer questions with invisible men.

  4. We FINALLY caught up on Lost (even including the Looking Glass episode) so I’m now allowed to read Holy Dog Water again.

    I, too, noticed that Soap Opera Guy (same guy who recruited Juliet and who gave Locke the Sawyer Files) was the same age in Ben’s memory. And this doesn’t seem to puzzle Ben at all. I’m starting to REALLY buy into this time travel thing.

    Plus there’s the parachute lady reminding everyone that, back home, they FOUND the plane and the bodies. That just reeks of another timeline (or the “they’re all dead” theory that Locke’s daddy was pushing which will certainly result in “JJ Abrams is dead” if they go that route).

  5. [SUNG IN YOUR BEST GASTON VOICE] Yeah!!! We’re not safe until he’s dead! It’s time to take some action boys… It’s time… to… follow… me! Let’s kill the beast!

    I actually believe JJ may have fangs. Razor sharp ones even.

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