O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Okay, if you are a lady please stop reading this post.  There is nothing to read here if you are of the female persuasion (aka: the fairer sex).  Why waste your time with such boring subjects?  This post pertains to guy stuff such as football, baseball, nude super models, the possibility of a new Matrix movie, video games, and deep fried meat.  Nothing to see here.  Try this site instead ladies.

Okay, now that the ladies are gone, click here to read an interesting news story.  This guy lives with his brother and his brother’s girlfriend.  One night he feels the need to go down in the basement where his brother’s girlfriend sleeps and have sex with her.  The catch is, she didn’t know it was him and certainly didn’t want to have sex with him, so he “pretended” to be his brother.  And by “pretend” you would think he wore a mask like in Mission Impossible or had complete facial restucturing surgery like in The Elephant Man or maybe put on his brother’s cologne.  Nope, he just used the ever resourceful and James Bond like tactic of not turning on the lights and had sex with her, no questions asked.  Nice!!!!!  You stay classy brother.  

Sorry guys, I do not have an address for these folks, and I certainly want to give some social commentary as to how I feel about this, but will show massive will-power and restraint and say nothing.  CAN… NOT… SAY… ANYTHING!!!!  MUST… CONTROL… URGE!!!! 

All you guys out there who know me know what kind of a dirt bag I am so just make something up in your head and pretend it’s me saying them in a meeting full of women at just the wrong moment.  Funny as hell, right? 

But like my daddy always said, a picture is worth a thousand words.



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