The Mad Hater

Yes, that would be me, the Mad Hater.  I know, I know, don’t hate the player, hate the game… or in this case, don’t hate the Charlie, hate the show.  Brad came up with the Alice in Wonderland references which scares me since we never took notice.  Apparently we need to all take his lead from now on and start getting stoned before each show. 

Actually, that may seriously help us understand Lost a lot more.  Sorry, I do not have time to read Alice in Wonderland today at work; believe it or not I do have some work to do and can’t read an entire novel at my desk.  So, I did the next best thing – I watched the Don’t Come Around Here No More video by Tom Petty.

Talk about answering all your Lost questions.  Too bad Mother Merrill blocks it.  It’s so beautiful.  The answers are like a light with Jesus waiting at the other side with a really big bright flashlight.  Walk towards the light Carol Ann.  Oddly enough, the video also answered a lot of the Grey’s Anatomy questions too.  You ML guys will have to do lunch at the Mellow Mushroom today and report back anything new you may come up with from the walls there.  I say we all go to Brad’s tonight and watch this video and Lost with a little more help from the MarlBRO 100’s.

Okay, all joking aside; the only thing I can come up with is the 10/6 on the Mad Hatter’s hat.  I was never good with fractions or even addition for that matter, but according to the crappy calculator on my PC, it comes to 1.66666667.  Think about it, when you combine this with “the” numbers and if we were really really really really really really stoned we’d know what that means too.  

Okay, just kidding.  For real this time, no more jokes, I promise.  The Looking Glass station is very intriguing, besides the fact that it’s full of hot gun totting chicks as Don Juan Tenoso pointed out.  I too cannot figure out why they wouldn’t have blown the cable on like day one, or why the others didn’t feel the need to hide it a bit more than with a few grains of sand, or how the cable went from a mile or two down the beachto right on top of them where even Hurley can walk to it with some breath left in him.  Again, I did not watch the previews for next week so I have no idea what to expect and may be speaking out of my Dickies, but I would assume the image Desmond saw with the station full of water and “You’re Going To Die” Charlie being dead will still happen.  The question is this, if Desmond is experiencing deja vu from time travel, and not just a vision, then shouldn’t he have to be there to see it?  Maybe he is?  I have a sneaky feeling we’re not getting anymore from the Looking Glass this season.  If this show ends with a retarded kid shaking a snow globe, I swear to the beard of Zeus,I will track this JJ Abrams down like the dog that he is and throw him on a deserted island… forever!  Who’s with me?   

And don’t forget about the little dictator Ben and his daughter.  She mentioned that he was in fact not his daughter.  So, I’m guessing we’re going to soon find out that Jack’s Dad was “away” from home about 25 years ago and maybe helping Team Darma.  If I was Kate, I’d stop doing anybody except maybe Jin and Sayid, because it appears everyone is related on this island.  No wonder the babies die.  Besides that, not much more to report on Lost this week.  Except the greatest moment EVER in the history of the show.  That’s right, the islands hottest and most favoritist interracial couple is back!  As soon as I saw them I knew Tenoso and Brad were so happy that they wanted to dig up the diamond thieves, hang them by their feet in a tree, and hit them with Eko’s stick until candy came out for all the kids to eat.  Speaking of that, am I the only one wondering why they’re not eating people after they die?  Seems like a waste of perfectly good meat to me.  Okay, I seriously need to shut up and get back to work.  A good psychiatric evaluation wouldn’t hurt either.             



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  1. The 3rd Wheel...on a Tricycle

    Can you write about something other than Lost please!!!

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