For those of you who love the show Jericho like me, I have some good news and I have some bad news.  The good news is you’ll finally be able to devote more time to finish knitting that blanket on Wednesday nights.  The bad news is Jericho has been cancelled.  But it’s not like CBS didn’t replace it with a much better show, right?  No, it’s not one of those gay ass girlie shows like Gay Dancing With The Stars or Gays Anatomy.  They took it to a WHOLE… NUTHER… LEVEL.  Prepare to really hate TV, and not just because Three and a Half Men and a Baby is the number one comedy on the air.

They’re replacing it with the new reality TV show called Kid Nation.  Just another reason to despise reality TV with the hate that all your heart and soul can muster.  I would recommend not looking at this new shows preview unless you can afford to buy a new computer after you destroy the one you’re using now.  Look on the bright side, instead of replacing good shows like Fraiser and Seinfeld with bad chick shows like Desperate Housewives and The Ghost Whisper, they’re going to replace them with bad kid shows like this Kid Nation.  Bad reality kid shows to boot. 

It’s bad enough I have to eat diner in a restaurant with snot-nosed kids in earshot, but now I have to watch over-privileged kids crying on TV?  At least Michael Jackson will be happy this fall.  The DVR and lube dispenser in his living room will be broken by November.  Oh and don’t worry, that great shit-fest that is CSI: Miami is coming back next season.  R.I.P. Jericho.  FUCBS!


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  1. Jericho will be missed. This is going to be hard but we can make it through this…look on the bright side..According to Jim was canceled!

  2. @blogmeister – proofread your articles before posting.

    @myself – get a life.

  3. What in the hell are you talking about? I know it was late when I posted this, but do I need an editor to handle proofing my posts now? Are you looking for work? I never claimed perfection, so let me know if it’s bad grammar or misspellings I need to work on.

  4. now now – let’s give kid nation a chance! Maybe they’re thrown in a real life game where they have to fend for their lives, ala Running Man or maybe they hunt each other like that movie where Ice T was being hunted in the wild for sport – Humans are the most dangerous game. Anyway, I’m happy that a show that I’ve poured my sweat and tears into (second only to LOST) is being replace with yet another reality series…and a really good one at that! My money is on little Timmy!

  5. I agree, the Kid Nation show has a lot of potential. We can setup cameras that are automated so that every adult can actually leave and the true Lord of the Flies can begin. There was a great South Park about this very thing.

    So, to spice it up, I say they release a serial killer each week just outside of the town and let the Kid Nation “police” force take care of that, just like in real life. Or maybe spread around a really nasty virus that they have one episode to cure before it takes hold. Let the town Kid Nation “doctor” handle that one. “Billy, should you really be operating on those kids?”

    Can you imagine being a parent and having to watch this garbage with your kids and those little shits start to believe they could survive for more than nine meals without you? Aren’t kids now a days already a bunch of self-centered, spoiled, narsocistic little cry babies already without C-BS filling their heads with lies of self-worth?

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