Cuba… I’m Not Touching You!

While Mindy was searching for that perfect bi-monthly vacation get-away, she sent me this cruise itnerary.  That’s right, the whole cruise is designed to basically sail around the communist island of Cuba.  God, I hope the oppressed peoples of Cuba and their oppressive government can see us on the deck, over-eating and dancing and drinking and throwing up over the side of the ship.  Sign me up! 

Carnival actually lets you pay an extra $50 to be the one that gets to pull the lever that opens the waste hatch; as soon as we get close enough to Cuba for Fidel Castro to see and smell it of course.  Wait for it… wait for it… wait for it… NOW!!!!  Oh, that sweet smell of freedom! 

Cuba… I’m Not Touching You

Also, if you’re lucky you get to be really close to the island when they officially announce Fidel has “assumed room temperature” (which we all know happened last year).


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