Well, some of the theories we’ve bounced around are officially official.  But, before we get to that I must say how much I loved this latest episode.  I hope you enjoyed it, because it’s the last until February 2008. 

I was expecting the person in the car at the end to be Locke and that it was before the crash, so both were a pleasant surprise.  After several minutes of trying to pause the DVR to read who in the hell was in the obit Jack was holding and subsequently who’s in that casket, I’ve decided that it was Walt.  Smaller casket, not a friend or family, and in a black part of town.  This would mean his father Michael is dead, or soon will be.  Who knows.  Anyone find a better screen shot of the obituary clipping?  And by anyone, I mean Tenoso.

I did notice that Jack mentioned to the doctor in the hospital that if his father was less drunk that he would quit, or something like that.  Point being, Jack’s dad is alive in the future.  So, where are we in the future?  Which future?  Or, was that in the future at all?  They didn’t do any “real” flashbacks, but what’s to say it’s not still in the past?  Maybe like we’ve said from the start that this is one of a multiple iterations of the same event???  We now know Desmond was indeed there for the deja vu event of Charlies death, further cementing the time travelling theory.  They ended another season with Desmond’s chick in the picture too.  Hmmm, I wonder where she was (or when she was)?     

 Not much more to report for a two hour season finale, at least nothing I could see.  Anyone else notice anything?  Besides the fact that they tried to use a pistol as a rifle.  IDIOTS! 

 I… Must… Sleep! 



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  1. Enjoyed your post. I’d bet you’d enjoy reading what the Network TV Slut had to say pre-finale on One Sorry Blog.

  2. Damn I missed it. But I have just downloaded it for free 🙂 both 350mb .avi files, took 40 mins for each, and i’m gonna enjoy this baby later today.


  3. I thought Kate said “why would I go to “her” funeral” I thought it might be Juliet…but it could be Walt.

    Also – I caught the whole “Dad drunker than me thing also” but the doctor gave him a look meaning ‘poor poor Jack, can’t accept his father is alive’

  4. What a crappy website – STOP BLOCKING ML TRAFFIC!!!

  5. Ok – finally figured out away around the blocking of Merrill Lynch’s e-mail…what a crappy site.

    Anyway – what I was trying to post earlier was I could have sworn Kate said “why would I go to ‘her’ funeral” when Jack showed her the obit.

    Also that whole exchage with Jack and the other Doctor when Jack said “Go find my dad and see who’s more drunk” and the Doctor gave him a look – in which Jack immediatley jumped down his throat. I think the look was more of “Poor, poor Jack, can’t accept his Dad is dead”.

    Either that or they’re in another deminsion where they get off the island and none of the “dads” die.

  6. I would love to live in that deminsion. Thanks for reminding me that my dad is gone Eric. 😦 He would have loved Lost too. Be back soon — I have to go find a corner to go curl up in the fetal position in and have a good cry… more later.

  7. Okay, I’m back. That helped.

    One thing I didn’t post about two weeks ago was the fact that I thought they were going to continue the series off the island soon. Mindy hinted to this last week in an email I believe. Anyway, if the castaways do get off the island it must be because they figured out how to stop/side-step the infinite loop (e.g., grandmother paradox).

    I didn’t catch the “her funeral” comment, but if that’s the case, think of this… it may actually be Kate’s own funeral. Hmmmmm???? Okay, that’s too Back to the Future even for me. Not sure about the Jack’s Dad comment and whether it was the rantings of a dope freak drunk who missed his daddy. You could be right.

    I’m assuming the “boat” off the coast is owned by Desmond’s girlfriend’s dad. You know, the billion dollar man. That would explain why the helicopter chick knows of Desmond’s old lady.

    My brain is still trying to fight off a hangover while at the same time process the last tidbits of Lost for the season. Processing Lost and all-you-can-eat oysters on the same day is not an easy task.

  8. The Wearer of the Pants

    Totally disagree Eric. I think they threw the dad comment in as a clue. A clue for what I’ve been screaming from the mountain tops for a while…

    Time Travel and alternate reality, etc, etc. It’s pretty sealed up for me now! And bad things happen here in this universe! So bad that Ben is actually a good guy for protecting his people.

    They so should have yanked Naomi’s (parachute girl) shoe off and count the toes! Alternate universe could mean 4 toed people!

    Still can’t find the connection with reproducing (or not reproducing for that matter). Jack’s ex was pregnant so its not a side effect of the new reality.

    And Eric, your heartless pr*ck! Good job on the dad thing… real good job!

  9. Okay, I found on the web that the person who is in the coffin is a man. The only thing visible in the article is something about a man being found in his apartment (hung himself).

    And the date on the newspaper was April 5, 2007 so it’s definitely in the future (from the “current” date on the island).

    I’m inclined to think it’s Locke. Who else would have had NO one come to his funeral (even none of the survivors)? And it’s apparent that Jack realizes what Locke already knows – there’s something special about that island and he wants to go back. It makes total sense that Locke, unable to return to the island, would have killed himself. Heck, he was about to shoot himself when he realized he couldn’t walk again. And it makes sense that Jack would now sypmathize with him.

    I think the “dad” comment can be interpreted another way. Jack says: “Tell you what, you go up there and get my father and if I’m drunker than him, you can fire me.”

    “Up there” could mean heaven or he could have just been so wacked out on oxycodon that he kind of forgot his dad was dead.

    Or it’s a completely different timeline in which his father doesn’t die. Who freakin’ knows. I’m so LOST.

  10. Well, if it’s Locke and since he’s off the island then he probably can’t walk anymore, right? I know that you could probably hang yourself from a wheel chair if you try really hard, but it can’t be easy.

    That’s to say, who knows whether he can still walk, right? The Jack’s dad being alive thing is very confusing and I’m positive the Lost producers are laughing their ASSES off right now. J.J. must be laughing every body part off right now.

    The funny thing is, I don’t think they did it on purpose. It was probably supposed to be a “sweet” moment where Jack really misses his dad anf needs him so much, and all us Lost freaks just can’t let it be without disecting every frame of the show. Now, who has all the screen-shots of that scene for me to study? I NEED IT!!!!

  11. Wow! Staking me to the cross, now I have another thing to hate besides this website. YOU!

    Wow, that felt good.

  12. The Wearer of the Pants

    I think they call that projection. It happens alot with angry, weak minds.

    It’s okay to love yourself Eric… it’s okay… if you can’t get help here, please, get help somewhere.

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