Holy Dog Water Spam


I was informed that some have been receiving more spam than usual (instead of 765 a day they’re now getting 843) and they’re concerned it may be coming from comments left on HDW.  I can tell you I’m not selling your email addresses to spammers anymore, but I’m not sure about WordPress.  I’m not sure if this spam is coming from HDW and it may have something to do with people downloading too much porn while drunk on a Saturday night or maybe that interactive male website they just signed up for.  Who knows. 

Point being, try to leave comments using a bogus email address if possible.  Personally, I use an old email address for such things.  That sucker gets about 10,000 spams a day, mostly from concerned citizens wanting to increase the size of my “junk” by three inches.  Now what on Earth would a woman of mine do with four whole inches!?!?!

Sorry again if this spam thing is coming from HDW and/or WordPress.  Damn Internet!!!!!       


Posted on May 29, 2007, in General. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. lesson learned – don’t use your real e-mail address. My address is eric_teno@crap.com – SPAM away assholes!

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