Save The Planet (of the Apes)

I was reading an interesting article the other day pertaining to some new global warmism movie and it really made me think.  A scientist by the name of Leonardo DiCaprio was questioned by a reporter for his hypocrisy concerning his new movie about the need to “fix” global warming, which apparently runs counter to his enormous carbon footprint.  How dare you question such a great scientist sir.  Here is climatologist DiCaprio’s response.

Attacks on Al Gore for example I think are misdirected. Don’t shoot the messenger, you know what I’m saying? If you’re going to attack somebody on the way they conduct their life, let’s talk about the big picture, let’s see what big oil companies are doing.

This person is truly trying to relay a message to the public and the way he travels and the way he leads his life should not be splayed out like that.

Amen brother, Algore should not be held to the same standards as the great unwashed.  This movie of Leo’s is going to be amazing, and even aligns him with the great communist leader Micheal Gorbachev, which appears in the movie.  Apparently the global warmists have finally stopped worrying about us finding out that they are aligned with a bunch of commie-loving capitalist-hating socialists.  It gets even better when he gets to the real heart of the matter.

Certainly in the United States we are the ones that should set an example for the rest of the world. We are the most powerful democracy on the planet and we’re also the largest polluters simultaneously.

Old MacDonald had a dog, and… BINGO was his namo!  Translation: America Must Pay! 

Let me see if I can get this straight with a recap.  Big oil companies are the reason for all of the environmental “problems” on this big ole green and blue planet of ours.  Oh, and Americans are the reason big oil exists.  This guy’s good.  Oh, and for a scientist, he’s kind of easy on the eyes.  He could be in movies even.

Okay, I’ve had enough of these idiots getting on their soap boxes made of gold just to preach to us about what we should and shouldn’t do.  Economics 101 dip-shits, there is a demand for oil no matter how “evil” it may or may not be.  Remember, there’d be no prostitutes if there were no johns.  If there wasn’t a demand there simply wouldn’t be a supply.  Disrupting or manipulating this balance (of oil supply/demand, not prostitutes) is the quickest way to ensure true environmental disaster.  The top ten most polluted cities in the world all exist in third world countries where capitalism is not practiced.  That’s right, true environmental terror occurs in communist/socialist/dictatorial countries where the rule of law is not practiced and the consumer has no say into what and how they consume. 

Americans “pollute” more by default because we produce more for the world and are three hundred million strong.  Just ask the billions who use the Internet, or who fly around the world, or who use anything that utilizes a satellite.  It’s easy for a country the size of England or Germany, whose size is equivilent to just one of our larger states, to say we pollute more than others.  Remember, millions will eat tonight because of America.     

A brief history lesson on energy is in order: We humans spent the first 30,000 years of our existence on this planet with a true 100% carbon-based system.  All lighting, heating, cooking, and metallurgical needs were performed using wood <insert joke here>.  This is the most “carbon” of the carbon-based energies, with a ratio of one carbon for every one hydrogen released during consumption (burning).  About 150 years ago most civilized societies moved on to coal, which burns substantially cleaner than wood, releasing about one carbon for every four hydrogen.  Oil and gas are a bit better still over coal.  Within twenty years we will once again make a significant transition and move to a truly carbon-less based system of energy, pure hydrogen.  So, if you’re keeping score, that’s 30,000 years using wood and after only 150 years using coal-oil-gas, a move to hydrogen.  You’d think that would be considered progress, right?  

Wrong!  This hydrogen technology will also be shot down by the global warmist when the day comes that it’s a feasible and viable energy option.  How do I know?  Because, they did it 30 years ago when we had the chance to move to a technology that was truly carbon-less, with the advent of nuclear energy.  This is because the global warmist cares not for the environment, but rather for the end of the “global” civilization as we know it today.  It’s a ruse, a used car commercial rather.  The end of an economic system that rewards the working class, and replaces it with total redistribution of wealth, also know as socialism.   These global warmists are part of the new nobility class whose predecessors once sat on thrones with their riches and told the plebs (that’s us) that we shall not do as we please.  The crown (the government for those of you who went to public schools) shall control your every move.  They know better than you on how to live your life. 

You may think this is a level of hyperbole on HDW’s part when I say global warmists want socialism to prevail, but ask a liberal how they feel about a few issues.  Go ahead, I dare you.  How do you feel about socialized medicine?  How do you feel about people who smoke in a bar?  How do you feel about taxes?  How do you feel about what people drive?  How do you feel about big oil and Wal-Mart and other companies making a profit?  I will bet you $20 to a moldy doughnut that they will fall on the side of big government every time.  Why?  Come on!  They’re f**king idiots, that’s why!!!  Cradle to grave, lazy ass, big government sissies.  They can’t stand for five minutes without big brother holding them up.  THEY’RE WEAKLINGS, THAT’S WHY!        

So, here’s the paragraph you’ve been waiting for.  The money shot.  You know, the one where I say this… 

My point is this, trying to burn less gasoline is not in itself a bad thing.  Trying to up-end our entire economic system with the sole intent of destroying it–whether malicious or otherwise–is not going to save the planet.  This system America has been using for 250 years is not the reason for pollution, it’s the reason we exist today with such a clean environment.  Without it, the world would be wrought with global famine on a scale that would make even Sally Struthers stop eating.  Without it, the world would have been brought under fascist rule of law where not a single person of color (or freedom for any color) would exist today.  As a matter of fact, we’d all be knee deep in horse shit without it.  Without it, Leonardo DiCaprio would not be able to buy a hybrid car, because none would exist.  Toyota and the country of Japan existin its present form because of America, and these hippy Prius drivers better thank God every day.  Remember people, the United States gave Toyota permission to build cars in 1945 after World War II .  To this day, without the American consumer, Japan’s economy would crumble.

As a matter of fact, I just googled this “scientist”, Leonardo DiCaprio.  It appears he is in fact a movie star.  Not only that, I can’t find info on where this guy went to college to take even one science class.  No internship at NASA or NOAA either.  Very strange, but it appears this guy is just a vapid actor with absolutely no formal education of any kind, let alone one in the sciences.  Just a guy with so much free time that he can waste it on trivial things, instead of making a real difference.  Whatever helps you sleep at night rich dude. 

I wonder if Leonardo knows that the movies is a 40 billion dollar a year industry?  That’s $40,000,000,000.00 for you public school kids.  I wonder how many movie theaters are sitting around the world, half empty with the AC blowing and the lights on?  Ten of thousands I bet.  I wonder how many trees have been mowed down to build these eye-sores we call the cineplex?  How many movie theater’s blacktop parking lots are trapping heat right now for tonight when mother Earth attempts to cool?  How many people are driving their SUV to the movies right now?  All that popcorn wasted on those that need it the least. 

I wonder how much money was spent making a movie like say… The Titanic?  Billions of dollars a year spent making movies and the destruction of our planet, and for what?  To entertain us?  At least with the auto industry and big oil, it serves some positive purpose.  Police cars, fire trucks, ambulances, and… oh… just one in every ten jobs in this country.  How many auto workers could have a job for life with one of those $20 million movie contracts of yours?  How dependant are you on the auto industry Leo?  Those cars that take your kids to school or you to work, with maybe the occasional trip to the Earth destroying movies.   

All those resources, wasted for our entertainment.  How many barrels of oil every day are consumed by the movie industry?  How many barrels of blood, for oil, for movies is enough Leonardo DiCarpio?  Without the movie industry Leo would be forced to go to school, maybe learn a trade, or maybe even (*gulp*) get a real job like the rest of us.  How many terrorists do you have to support before you say enough is enough Leo?  When will the madness stop?  I say this — STOP BIG HOLLYWOOD AND SAVE THE PLANET!!!!!  Do it for mother Earth.                       


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  1. Have you even seen the film which you have criticized? DiCaprio makes the point that he is not a scientist, and therefore has gathered over 70 to express their views without the filter of the irresponsible press. The movie isn’t even about global warming. Where exactly do you get your facts? Are you a scientist? Let me see your degrees.
    I love all you crazy right wingers who jump on soap boxes when you know absolutely nothing about which you speak.

  2. Cindy Sheehan

    I quit!

  3. Cindy Sheehan

    If you zoom in on the reflection in my eyes, you will see Jane Fonda.

  4. Well Larry, in fact I do have a degree in the field of science and if need be I will scan it for you tonight and post it so you can maybe print it out and do with it as you please. I have a few ideas what you can do with it, so let me know if you need help.

    Not sure if you read my entire post, but if you did I would hope you had the basic cognitive ability to determine that my intent was not to criticize the movie (wouldn’t waste my valuable time), but rather call out these empty vessels, such as Leonardo, and their gang of rich snobs who think they can command us while they pollute more than any single person. We are all sick of these hypocrites.

    Of course, I’m guessing you would rather let the government determine what we do, when we do it, and how we do it. Sounds like China or Cuba is the utopian place for you. Enjoy it much and tell Castro I said hello and I hope he doesn’t get better.

    Oh, and I’ll let all the other crazy right-wingers know how you feel at our next secret meeting. I hope the weather cooperates. You know how way off the weatherman can be when predicting the weather a week from now.

    Thanks again for the comment and come back anytime my friend. This arena of ideas is always open for you to do battle in, regardless of how wrong you may always be. No hard feelings.

  5. The Wearer of the Pants

    He walked into that one… “Are you a scientist?” LOL

    I’ll vouch for the science degree as well… Fighting Osprey’s class of 2001 in the hizz-ouse…

    Definitely missed the point of the post or didn’t read it. I really don’t care how Leonardo feels about politics or social issues and doubt he’s the brightest bulb in box. I wouldn’t be influenced by the two people who are conservative in Hollywood either (Kelsey Grammar and… shoot! I know there’s one more…???).

  6. Funny, at no point does Larry specifically state that dipshit Leo is indeed NOT a hypocrite. Hmmm, maybe that’s because he’d be a f’ing liar if he did. Way to ‘prove’ your point while inadvertently supporting the idiot who runs this blog. And by idiot I mean whole hearted leader of the Detroit Lions fan club and stealer of literature.

  7. Ok first off…I want to point out that it is awesome that Larry’s name links to the…do you get paid to come and promote the movie on message boards? I think you may be wasting your time here because I think we all hate Leonardo Dicaprio.

    Second off why is everyone getting so worked up over Leonardo Dicaprio’s opinion? Personally I quit taking him seriously when he starred in Critters 3: You Are What They Eat…

    And finally, the article kind of underplays Hollywood. Sure there are overpaid actors, but in the oil industry their are overpaid CEOs and such. Hollywood does provide tons of jobs..just watch the 30 minute credits after a movie…all of those people support their families due to Hollywood..whether its art design, sewing a shirt, or wiping Leo’s ass after he craps out another shit-tacular movie (The Departed being an exception)

  8. I agree that Hollywood is indeed an industry just like the auto industry, granted one produces 40 billion per year, while the other produces almost ten times that amount (that would be the auto one). And thank God for the “movie” industry in that I respect all of its hard workers as well. Hell, I own plenty of Media and Telecommunications stock, so earn-on fellows. But, how do you think the movie industry would react to the government stepping in and dictating its content? Such is the life of the auto industry times 10,000.
    The Problem with the pay issue is we’re not comparing apples to apples here. You should rather be comparing the pay of the CEO of Disney or WB with that of the CEO of Ford or GM; then comparing the pay of the “workers” of said industries (e.g., Bob “tools down” Jenkins building a Ford Mustang with that of Leonardo “crap-tastic movies” Caprio “building” a movie).
    And until Bob the auto worker starts preaching to me about what I should or shouldn’t do, I think it is open season on Leo’s hypocrisy. They both have the same basic level of education (Bob being much smarter on the things that matter most), it’s just that Bob busts his ass and back every day to keep this country moving and to feed his family, whereas Leo is, well… taking bathes in tubs of Dom Perignon.

  9. Oh, and great observation on Critters 3 Clizz! Forgot about that stinker.
    Leo has been on my shit list since he caused all that trouble on Romper Room decades ago. Do NOT f**k with my kiddy TV my friend. Next thing you know, he’ll be causing chaos on The Great Space Coaster… and heads will roll!!!!
    Dear Dave-FF GooRoo,
    The idiot who runs this blog will return said literature when said “employee”–and I use that term in the looses of terms–returns to work. So, around the year aught-nine.

  10. The Wearer of the Pants

    HDW fixed that link in Larry’s name… LOL

  11. i dont even know who to agree with as all that- sh|t was way to long for anyone to actually read…. however, if there was a picture of leonardo di caprio with it- you might hold my attention better- just some positive feedback:)

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