Technology Plan… Speell Checkers Four Everyone!

Is are Senators learning? 

The Sun Will Come Out…

I guess they’ll do it tommorrow.  I just want to know who this Tom fellow is.  The funny thing is she was talking about how she wants to spend more money on education for women in technology, and math.  She may want to include some money for English too. 

But don’t worry, it’s not like the next generation has anything to worry about.  They’re great spellers.



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  1. Ok seriously, you need to start doing your research before you post these articles. I am tired of these crazy right wingers getting on a soapbox and speak on something they know nothing about.

    I think its clear Hillary is speaking out to this man

    Clearly Tom Morrow is in need of a new job…and from the looks of it is in need of some tail. So please keep an eye out for Hillary’s next speech “More Tail for Tom Morrow”

  2. You know the old saying…

    Don’t put off today, what you can do Tom Morrow.

  3. Tom Morrow’s geocities page was blocked the last time I clicked the link, so I had no idea a man existed with a true passion for computers AND magic tricks.

    Single Guys 0 – Single Ladies 2.

    Next thing you know, you’re going to tell me he loves soccer too. JACKPOT LADIES! Gooooooooooooal!

  4. The Wearer of the Pants

    Why does she care so much about this Tom Marrow? How many jobs does he need? Is he Jamaican?

  5. The Wearer of the Pants

    Of course I have a typo on a post making fun of other people’s spelling… just keepin’ it real.

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