You Stay Classy Yankees

You know the drill… click play on the video below to enjoy the Yanks theme music while reading.

Once again, Alex Rodriguez is cheating [*GASP*].  No, not cheating on his wife this time, but rather at something he presumably has a lot more experience at doing (believe it or not).  He’s cheating once again on the field.  This time he breaks the unwritten law of yelling at a fielder attempting to catch a pop-up while he’s running by him.  He succeeds. 

Hey, ass-rod, leave the yelling at the players to us dumb-ass fans in the stands, okay?  What do you expect from a guy who has proven time and again that he will do anything to win, even though he’s terrible at it (the cheating and the winning part too).  Please just stick to the cheating you’re remotely good at Alex.  Here’s what their fearless leader–Brian Cashman–had to say about his dirty player.   

“I’m not sure what the difference between that and the hidden-ball trick is, or a catcher dekeing at home plate that a ball is not coming in and the last second he gets the ball and drops the tag down,” Cashman said. “I’m kind of indifferent to it, because I was looking at it, trying to figure out, is this something that’s not right?”

Are you kidding me?  Spoken like a true loser.  Did the general manager of a team actually say that?  I’m assuming he thinks it’s okay if ass-rod slapped the ball out of his hands as he runs by as well?  Not that ass-rod would do that. 

Gay-Rod.  Thanks

Hey Bri Bri, not sure how much ball you played before you turned into George’s little bald-headed “bat boy”, but there’s a reason why certain things like the hidden-ball trick is allowed and distracting a player is not.  It’s because one is done by real ball players and the other by a little bitch (ass-rod, et al). 

Imagine every play involving a pop-up and the runner standing by the fielder yelling and waving his hands at him.  I had no idea Brian was a bonifide idiot.  That explains the World Series drought.  It’s bad enough opposing teams have to look at that optical-f**king-illusion you call a uniform, but now this.  In Cashman-land this would be good sport.  Well sir, in a man’s sport, a gentlemen’s sport, we have a name for such horrible sportsmanship… and that name is The New York Yankees.  You stay classy New York, you stay classy. 


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