If you didn’t hear, that was the number of murders last year in the United States of America.  16,185 murders and all I got was this lousy t-shirt! 


Personally, I blame David Caruso.   

Actually, I think it’s about time we give up and start to seriously consider a specific date for re-deploying our troops–and by troops I mean all 300 million of us–to a safe location.  Maybe Hawaii?  If that doesn’t make you want to surrender in this crazy experiment of trying to create a democracy in the Western hemisphere, I think the 93,837 rapes last year should do the trick.  Beat that Rape Rooms!  I think this quagmire we’re in is not winnable and should be called what it is – A Civil War!  To start, I think we should begin withdrawing from Detroit, the reigning murder champs.  No more blood for oil for Pistons.

This message brought to you by the new 2008 Ford EdgeBOLDMOVES.          


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