O-High-o State Buck-High

What in the hell are they teaching these idiots at OSU?  Or maybe we should ask what in the hell they’re not teaching them.  Obviously not geography.  When asked about how he feels about maybe going to Portland to play professional basketball, Greg Oden said… well, let’s go straight to the Buckeye’s own mouth.

I know it rains a lot. I know it’s close to L.A. and I love that. I want to go to L.A. and go to the beach.”

Portland is close to LA?  Was there a really big earthquake last night where Northern California fell into the Pacific ocean and I missed it?  If you’re wondering, Oden is soon going to be a mega millionaire while you are not.  Hey Oden, if you’re wondering, there’s a city with a beach near Portland.  It’s called PORTLAND!  The Pacific ocean is about 40 miles to the west of town dumbass.  Is 1000 miles less than 40 miles or greater than?  Does this symbol (>) mean greater than or less than?  F**k, math is hard!  Greg, just to let you know, the number 40 is not that much, unless of course it’s in reference to your age as a freshman at OSU. 

Luckily, HDW had a secret mic setup when Oden was informed of his mistake.  Let’s just go straight to the quote again.

I can count to potato!”

Who knows, maybe he’ll get traded to Denver and finally be able to do a little snow skiing.  I hear the skiing in the Swiss Alps around Denver is great this time of year.     


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