!C Bastards

I know, I know, I write entirely too much about those damn Nazis, err… I mean Germans, but this one is too good.  At a European Union meeting this week, members were debating whether they should change the current voting structure, and begin tying a countries population to the amount of votes they have within the EU.  This would be a change to the existing system consisting of one equal vote per country, regardless of size.  Obviously, heavily populated countries—such as Germany—are all for it, whereas less populated countries—such as Poland—are not.

Well, the prime minister of Poland got sick of listening to Germany bitch about why they should have more power within the EU (although we have no valid historical reason to worry about Germany having too much power), so he stood up and caused a major kerfuffle by stating the following (aka, the obvious).

It was the Germans who inflicted unimaginable injury, terrible harm, on Poles – incomprehensible crimes – and Poles like Germans, while Germans do not like Poles.”

“We are only demanding one thing, that we get back what was taken from us. If Poland had not had to live through the years of 1939-45, Poland would be today looking at the demographics of a country of 66million.”

The prime minister of Poland basically told Germany that they’d be glad to change to a voting system based on population if the Germans promised to bring back to life the millions of Poles they butchered during World War II.  After extrapolating those numbers over the past 60 years, Poland is technically missing around 30 million voters (aka, citizens).

Of course, the poor picked on Naz… Germans were upset with the mean statement.  Apparently in Europe you are not allowed to remind the Germans about that whole trying to take over the world and kill all the Jews thing.

The 61 million Allied forces and citizens killed by the Germans in WWII could not be reached for comment.     


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  1. The Wearer of the Pants

    So do you really think all of your readers are such geeks they’ll get “!C”… okay they are!

    Good one! lol

  2. You’re lucky the whole post wasn’t in binary code. So, how many of you loser geeks out there get the title? LO-OO-O-SERS!!!!!

  3. Henry Holland

    Came over from The Ladies -congrats on your win- and while I don’t disagree with the sentiments you express, to be correct, the Nazi’s did *not* kill 61 million people. The total for all countries across the globe in WWII is 62 million or so, military & civilian, so if you’re claiming that German, Japan and Italy only suffered a million military & civilian losses, well….

    More accurately, it’d be 50 mil or so for Der Deustche Volk.

    Yes, I do fact checking as part of my job, can you tell? 🙂

  4. I would agree, the Germans probably personally slaughtered far less than the grand total of ~62 million people who ultimately died during WWII. For example, Stalin was famous for “taking care of” his own “problem” citizens when convenient and was more than okay with allowing those totals to go against the Germans.

    Most of China’s losses came at the hands of starvation purposefully created by the Japanese in labor camps, so I’m counting deaths such as these as well. But if we must split hairs as to which deaths we should or shouldn’t “count” against Germany, then I’m okay with the 50 million humans mark. Although, those 12 million extra dead folks may have something to say about it… if not for the being dead part.

    As a side note: As the story goes, even today, when a 90 year-old woman dies of a head cold in Russia, her “untimely” demise still goes against Stalin’s “death” count. Those crazy peter-spuds.

    I like the fact that someone is fact checking though, so thanks. At least it means at least one person is reading.

  5. Sadly, I got the !C reference (and I’m not a developer). I think that makes me a special kind of loser.

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