Knut Kupdate

That’s right HDW readers; the cute and wonderful Knut the Nazi polar bear is back, and bigger than ever.  A couple of these photos will show you just how well treated he is.  Although, someone really needs to keep this horny German zookeeper away from him.  At least now we know why they named him Knut, right?  If I wasn’t so lazy I’d Photoshop a jar of peanut butter behind them in this photo.  Use your imagination for once damn it!  

You Know What They Say… It Ain’t Immoral If It’s Oral, Right?

Well, besides HDW’s irrational obsession with putting a stop to kiddy animal porn in Euro zoos, I have noticed something very strange within the genetic makeup of this article.  After reading one of these stories posted on any UK website—such as The Daily Mail—I find it very entertaining to read the comments by readers.  It’s almost addictive.  Hundreds of comments by scores of people with just enough education to surf the Internet, but not quite enough education to know the difference between the words to and too

No matter how benign the subject matter, you can always count on our ancestors from across the pond to take a few cheap shots and jabs at us Yanks.  Most of the time the article will be political in nature and therefore slightly warrant the occasional nut-ball moon-bat asshole to proclaim all of the citizens of our great country to being equivalent to evil Nazis (it’s always Nazis, even from the Germans); even though the political nature of the article has nothing to do with America specifically.  Sometimes these comments will even come from fellow Americans—affectionately referred to by HDW as seditious traitors. 

What really makes me laugh is when the story has nothing to do with America or even politics in general and yet the comments will eventually include some hatin’ on the US.  Knut The Over Sexed Polar Bear story is perfect for this sort of experiment.  So far, no comments have been made about us evil, racist, dumb, obnoxious, capitalist American pigs… yet.  Eight whole comments and nothing.  Not a single one.  Let’s perform an experiment and see how long it will take.  I’m going with the under at 25 comments.  That’s Vegas talk meaning I’m betting that an anti-American comment is made by comment number 25 or less.  No cheating HDW readers.  Let’s see how well they do over there. 

By this point there should be several anti-American comments made, so I am truly perplexed.  Maybe all the hippies are too busy saving the planet at the Live Earth festivals this weekend so they’re too drugged up and/or liquored up to care.  Regardless, check back here throughout the weekend for updates on any comments I find on the Knut article.  I’ll get the ball rolling with a comment written by yours truly just to get you accustomed to the country hatin’ you are about to feel.  Have a great weekend.                


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  1. Oh my, that is one cute polar bear. I wonder if their our too of them? Great observation patty from Worcester Park, I to wonder what he looks like while taking a bath???


    –Nigel, Bowness-on-Windermere, England

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