Ms. Robinson, You Have No Class!

It seems the teachers in New York have it easier than most.  According to this article the new requirements on class size is going to really make most teachers happy.

The projected drop in class size — to 0.8 students a class in grades four through eight, 0.6 in high school, and 0.3 in kindergarten through third grade — may not be enough to satisfy activists, who are already gearing up to challenge the proposal.

So, the average class room size in New York will be reduced to less than one kid per teacher!?!?!?!  Trust me New York, once you kill all the kids they will NOT be easier to teach.  Correct me if I’m wrong Sandy, but if I kill all the students…

“Billy, what’s two plus two?  Billy?  Can you hear me Billy?  Oh my God, 20% of your body has been chopped off!!!”  Oh, the humanity.

[Hat Tip: WSJ]


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