10011100001111 Losses And Counting

10K Run

Damn computer!  That number was supposed to be viewed in decimal not binary form, so I guess I made it look worse than it really is.  Point being, the Philadelphia Phillies is just one game away from their 10,000th loss in team history, making them the most beaten professional team ever.  I just wanted to congratulate them for not giving up and sucking with dignity.  The French would be so proud. 

Don’t worry Philly fan, I’ll give you some good news.  Just four words: Tampa Bay Devil Rays!  I think they are on pace to pass you in the all time losses column some time next year; and remember, you have over a 100 years of existence head start on those assholes. 

Until then, I’ll be sure to remind you of your teams extreme level of ineptitude at every sporting event you attend.  I’ll also tell you what the word ineptitude means.  Oh yeah, one more thing… Eagles Suck!!!!          


Posted on July 14, 2007, in Baseball, Sports. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Daaaaamn!! In progress and the Phils pitchers are doing everything they can to attain that dubious distinction.
    Pujols might actually be an MVP front-runner after this series alone.


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