Update: Elephantfightus of the Nuts

Breaking news coming out of India.  Last week HDW reported about the elephant fighting ring busted up in Bangcock, Thailand.  In a HDW exclusive, video of Michael Vick engaging in one of these cruel elephant fights was obtained.  Well, it appears The Vicktim has struck again.  An elephant was found electrocuted to death in an Indian jungle yesterday (Do you really care which jungle?  Okay fine, it was the jungle on the left, just past the intersection of Stank Ass Food Street and This Cow Is My Grandmother Drive). 

Authorities are claiming that the elephant electrocution appears to be an accident, but we here at HDW know better.  As most are aware by now, the losing animals in any of The Vicktim’s Animal Fighting Rings are always killed by drowning or electrocution.  Finding enough water in India to drowned an elephant is no easy task, so it appears electrocution was his only option.  

Elephants being trained to tear each others trunks off is no laughing matter.  Killing the losing elephant by electrocution is even less funny.  Seriously, check out this horrible and graphic video of an elephant being electrocuted to death and tell me you think it’s funny.

On that note, I have to get back to training my dogs.  They’re almost ready for the coming football season.  Now I just have to figure out a way to sneak them into the stadium.

Vick ‘em Boys, vick ‘em!!!!       


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