Let Them Eat Milk

Some Arab princesses (or is it pronounced princessi?) refused to sit next to men they did not know on a British Airways flight, causing quite a stink.  It’s just another one of those crazy Muslim traditions to ensure their women don’t get hit on by other men and find out just how shitty their husbands treat them.  Brilliant guys, just brilliant.  Can you blame the ladies since some Muslim traditions dictate that a women who’s raped is to blame and is punished accordingly, while the man who did the raping is given a goat I think.

The airline had to hold the flight for several hours while the kerfuffle took place and eventually had to expel the princesses for not taking their assigned seats.  This was to the delight of the other passengers… those evil haters of Islam and white devils.  Of course, all of this could have simply been avoided in several ways.

  • Ordered tickets where the muslo-chicks all sat together and avoided contact with strange men (level of difficulty: 1). 
  • Traveled their usual way, by gold plated private jets that run off the blood of infidels (level of difficulty: 3).
  • Simply hijacked the plane (level of difficulty: 2).
  • Allowed the strange men to breast feed off of them (level of difficulty: 2).

Don’t ever say I’m not a problem solver and a unifacator.  


Posted on August 7, 2007, in Stupidipity. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. Ha ha ha ha! That is great! I saw that bit of news and considered blogging about it, but I didn’t come up with a good angle. You, sir, are brilliant.

    I especially liked the use of “level of difficulty”

    Another solution: The President signs yet another Executive Order that would require religious segregation on all American carriers and then give large subsidies to the airlines to comply. This wouldn’t have to raise taxes, we could just borrow the money and dig ourselves even deeper in debt.

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