Home Run King Hostage Crisis – Day One

Day One and Counting.

Listen here ESPN, do not f**king tell me who I should or shouldn’t celebrate in sports now that Bonds* has surpassed the great Hank Aaron.  Your organization, above all others, have a vested interest in major league baseball and have no business preaching to us about why we shouldn’t judge Bonds* for cheating.  Outright, unadulterated, I don’t give a shit about the game of baseball, cheating!!!!!  If I hear one more idiot on ESPN say, “Well, Bonds* hasn’t been officially caught cheating,” I’m going to snap and maybe hurt myself to protect others. 

So, recuse yourself immediately ESPN and remember, Barry Bonds* and his “record” means nothing to true baseball fans, so you and that freak of nature can kiss my fat ass.  Here’s to hoping this hostage crisis doesn’t last too long.  God, I hope the Yankees trade A-Rod so I can root for him with a clear conscience (which won’t be easy). 


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