Race Card Driver!

So, here we are once again.  Some horrible racist sports figure has decided to make race an issue.  The player’s name is Matt Jones, the wide receiver for the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Let’s just cut directly to the interview.

There are not that many European-American wide receivers, so we have to do a little bit extra,” Jones said in an interview with James Brown that’s scheduled to air tonight on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

“I catch for 300 yards, our team wins by seven, [mimicking] ‘Ah, he could’ve made this catch, they would have scored if he did this,’ ” Jones tells HBO.

“Doesn’t every wide receiver go through that?” Brown asks.

“Not everybody,” Jones replies.

“Let me start by saying I love those guys,” Jones tells HBO. “But they don’t get criticized as much as we do. They don’t.”

Come on Matt Jones, please just stop whining about being a crappy WR and blaming it on being white.  This is getting old.  You suck not because you’re a white WR, but because, well, because you just suck.  Just like McNabb sucks as a QB, not because he’s black, but because he sucks. 

[HolyDogWater Assistant Editor walks in and whispers something into the Editor’s ear.]

“What?!?!?!”  I was just informed that my spellchecker screwed up and it wasn’t Matt Jones who was complaining about being unfairly treated just because he’s one of the only starting white wide receivers in the NFL, it was McNabb.  Wow, I did not see that one coming.  Well then, that wasn’t racist at all.  Good for you McNabb.  Preach it baby!!!! 


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