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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell… Especially Allah

 I was at lunch today and happened to catch the president of Columbia University, Lee Bollinger, introduce the president of Iran, Amoud AmedeaniJIHAD.  Yes, yes, I know I didn’t even come close to spelling that correctly but I refuse to waste my time looking up this clown’s name.  I just can’t wait until this dictator leaves our country and has to return to his land where the sweet smell of freedom doesn’t yet exist. 

Anyway, the introduction that the president of Columbia University gave—while standing beside the dictator of Iran no less—was just plain amazing and heartfelt.  I was nearly brought to tears and almost gave a standing ovation in the middle of the Firehouse Subs restaurant.  If you do one thing today, and if I haven’t yet updated this post with the youtube clip of his speech, please watch it as soon as possible. 

Let me preface this by saying that I was one of those conservatives who was appalled that Columbia University would even contemplate allowing one of the top dictators of the world to speak freely.  I was a doubter and had serious reservations as to Columbia’s true intent in giving such a despot a soap box and megaphone to espouse his insanity and hate.  Mark this one on your calendar people… I was dead wrong.

Yes, this is the same university that still refuses to allow an ROTC program to exist on their campus even today.  Yes, it’s the same university that has to be one of the leading liberal institutions of higher learning in our country as well.  I know the president of Columbia University is very liberal on many issues, and he and I would disagree in almost every circumstance, but he is a great and amazing American, regardless of his political beliefs.  He gave me hope, that even though we political hacks in this country like to take swipes at each other every chance we get, we can still stand against true evil.

I take, and sometimes dish out, amazing amounts of vitriol every day from and to my fellow Americans.  Most of the time I’m okay with the mental abuse, I have thick skin and can take it.  I love handing out the mental beatings to fellow citizens as well, at least to the ones that I feel are hurting our country the most.  None of this will change.  But it’s good to know that we have Americans like Mr Lee Bollinger, fighting to make America and the world a better place.  Yes, I may be screaming at him next week concerning some other statement he makes, but on this day, we are one.

Now, I wonder if the “elected” leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran will answer even one of the university president’s questions he posed today?  He didn’t answer any of the tough questions asked the day before by 60 Minutes, which also surprisingly refused to give him the “dictator kid gloves special” that most news organizations give these Hitler wannabes of the world.  Doubtful he’ll answer anything, since dictators only answer questions about their cult of personality with just more questions.  Like a 10-year-old trying to get out of trouble, they always give the “Yeah, but Billy did this” answer.  I would expect nothing less from that little man with the shitty beard, AmadeaniJIHAD, you worthless asshole prick. 

But it’s going to be fun watching this mental midget looking ever so much like the douche bag that he is — preaching his anti-gay, antisemitic, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-freedom propaganda.  Yes, he’ll sound just like a democrat most of the speech with his DNC talking-points that he cut-and-pasted from the New York Times, but it’ll still be fun to watch this ignorant cartoon character trying to make sense of his own diseased thoughts.  You stay classy Iranian leader.  You stay classy!

[Update – 25Sept07: Here’s the Iranian “News” reporting on their fearless little leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  Of course, they don’t show the video of the entire speech, which included their fearless little leaders introduction grilling, his proclamation that Iran was gay-free (of course, can you imagine being gay in that type of heat and sand?  Ouch!), and all of the laughter at his obvious lack of basic elementary intelligence (New Show Concept: Are You Smarter Than A Dictator?).  Got to love the propaganda though.  Old question, but why is it that most dictators are so short?  That whole Napoleon Complex theory really is starting to hold true.  Someone get this guy a penile implant, stat!  It’s for the children.  Wait, that came out wrong.  I mean it’s for peace, which is for the children.  Oh, screw you!

Lee Bollinger’s Introduction Speech


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