Titanic Idiots!

Check out the marketing geniuses at this water slide company.  Nothing like your kids getting to go to little Billy’s birthday party and getting to play on a water slide humorously depicting 1,400 peoples horrible death.  What’s next guys, a Pearl Harbor slide depicting Jap Zero planes sinking US carriers?  Maybe a hurricane Katrina slide where you can slide down the levees?  Well, at least these dummies aren’t crazy enough to use more current tragic events for children to play on at birthday parties, right?  Don’t worry, I’m not even going there.  I know, it’s too soon, even if we are just trying to make someone look stupid.  But, knowing these idiots, it can’t be too far away.

Look Mom, No Air!!!!!

Have you ever wanted to re-enact horrible and tragic historical events of the past century?  Do you want to include your kids in the fun too?  Well, your wait is finally over.  Call today and we’ll throw in some really cool Hindenburg Zeppelin Helium balloons for you and the kids to crash.  Oh, the humanity… and fun!


Posted on October 2, 2007, in Mensa Members Unite, Stupidipity. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. I’d like to get a water slide depicting Phillies in the 2007 postseason.

    Oh man my team has been good for like two weeks and I’m already talking smack.

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