You’re The Bomb!

It was learned recently that the US military has been developing a Gay Bomb to drop on enemy combatants.  When dropped, the bomb will make the opposing troops want to have sex with each other instead of fighting (don’t they already have those? I think it’s called the Jager Bomb).  Hell, if the government perfects this weapon they can drop it on Detroit and save a lot of lives.  How great would it be to drop this thing all over the mountainous regions between Pakistan and Afghanistan knowing good and well that there’s a chance Bin Laden’s henchmen might put down their AK-47 and start ass raping him? 

In the name of Allah, what are you doing Sayid?  I’m not the cave goat?  He’s over thereeeee woo hoo hoo!!!”

As a side note, rumor has it that the gay bomb whistles as it’s being dropped—just like a regular conventional bomb does—with only one small difference… it’s whistling show tunes as it’s dropping, so you know it’s coming.  Nothing like you and your fellow soldier sitting in a foxhole, in the throes of battle, when all of a sudden you swear you hear the whistling sound of incoming ordnance…  “Is that the sound of a whistling bomb being dropped Hank?  Wait, I think I hear it now.  Oh my God, run for your asses life, it’s whistling A Little Fall of Rain from the critically acclaimed Tony Award winning Broadway musical Les Miserables!  RUN!!!!!!!”  

HDW found some very top secret photos taken during DoD testing of the gay bomb.  These photos are not for the faint of heart and are of the explicit variety, so viewer beware.

Gay Bomb Quality Assurance Testing 

Before the Gay Bomb:
Not Gay!

After the Gay Bomb:


Before the Gay Bomb:
   Not Gay!

After the Gay Bomb:

War is hell son, and don’t you forget it!


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