eRacism: Making Racism Extinct

This article I was reading was both interesting and educational as I learned there was a dinosaur that once roamed the Earth with a vacuum cleaner like ability to suck up food.  Seemed innocent enough, right?  Not so fast.

Discoverer Paul Sereno named the elephant-sized animal Nigersaurus taqueti, an acknowledgment of the African country Niger and a French paleontologist, Philippe Taquet.

Are you bullshitting me?  Really, that’s the name you came up with Mr. Scientist?  Let me guess, its diet was exclusively that of a small chicken like animal?  Thank God he didn’t discover a dinosaur’s skeletal remains in the Irish country-side that couldn’t stop drinking, even if it killed them.  “Ladies and gentleman, I discovered a new extinct species today.  I give you, the Micasaurus!”  Or maybe one discovered just outside of San Fransisco with strange mating habits that is believed to have contributed to its extinction… the Assasaurus (aka, Barney)!  Wait, how ’bout one discovered in Italy that had skin like a terrycloth jump suite.  Ladies and gentleman, I give you… the Wopasaurus!!!! 

Enough with the racism scientists.  Please, just leave me alone.  Can’t we all just get along?  Wait, I’ve got another one.  An elephant type dinosaur with ties to Israel and connections with big oil… the Neoconasaurus!  Talk about selling out your people.  A dinosaur with connections to big oil. 

Check please.


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  1. There is a country in Africa called Niger (only one g). That is where the fossil was discovered. Fossils are often named after the location where they are found. I am surprised that anyone could have made such a mistake in misreading the name of the dinosaur and moreover not noticing the spelling and thinking this has anything to do with human races.

  2. Yes, I’m well aware of the spelling difference between the two words. This was a feeble attempt at humor. Even still, this guy is just asking for a lot of “Dave Chappell” type parodies by giving this dinosaur a name like this, even if it is just a phonetic kerfuffle. Maybe that was his point in the first place. Who knows.

  3. As an inner-city kid whose life mission is involving other city kids (mostly black) in science education, I doubt he wanted to make a joke. I wonder why most people never made the connection and you did? It is so normal to name a fossil after the place it was found and it was found in Niger. It’s funny how some people’s minds work…

  4. I too was born and raised in the inner-city. We didn’t have cute little names for it like they do now, so we just called it home. And living there until I turned 30 was very educational for me, but it didn’t define me and neither does the color of my skin, just like it shouldn’t define you. I hope and pray you are not making judgements about my humor that you may not fully understand??? I would hope not.

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