Cloverfield: Preview II

Still not sure what this sucker is, and even with the Internets vast knowledge and accurate news reporting, I still can’t tell.  Just another reason to hate J.J. Abrams my friend.  If you screw up Star Trek J.J., so help me God, I will dedicate my life to tracking you down and giving you a very forceful and stern talking to. 

My guess about what this creature is, besides it being the dudes from the Rampage video game (the safe bet), is that it’s just some massive sea creature living deep in the ocean beyond our scientific reach and he’s just coming up for his every 10,000 year morning shit.  To his dismay, someone has built a damn city in the middle of his bathroom.  Sounds about right.  Do you have any idea how mad I’d be if I woke up tomorrow morning and a f**king city was built in the middle of my bathroom?  And to make things worse, the Yankees played there.  Exactly… pissed.  the f**k.  off.

Besides, where’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani when you need him?  He’d dispatch this douche bag like it was a homeless person holding a squeegee.  Hell yeah!!!!  It’s funny cause it’s true.  Enjoy…


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  1. I also happened upon this site (password: jllovesth). It’s supposed to have something to do with the lead up to 1-18-08, the day the “monster” attacks. J.J. Abrams really knows how to get people on the Internet worked up. He’s like that slutty girl that sat in front of you in High School and got a kick out of teasing your nerdy ass.

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