Mommy, Where Do Terrorists Come From?

There’s the $100,000 question your children want to ask you… where do terrorists come from mommy?  Well, if you ask a liberal—God only knows why you’d ask those brain dead intellectually bankrupt socialists—the woman would probably tell you it’s because of economic suppression by the ruling class on the working class, or maybe because America allows women to co-exist without fear of beatings or even death.  Well, much data and many studies are out there supporting the opposite to be true with regard to whether economic hardship creates terrorists, and it actually appears that the “ruling class and rich” are more so the norm.  The rich and well educated (there are quite a few doctor terrorists) appear to participate in the act of terrorism more so than their poorer counterparts. 

I can tell you one thing that breeds terrorism that is almost completely without exception, and that’s simply the scientific fact that these losers can’t get laid.  We’ve talked about it here before on HDW and have showcased some of the more attractive one-eyed one-armed bandits.  Case in point: Look at the kids in public government run socialist schools around the country and you’ll soon see a strong direct correlation.  How many boys getting massive amounts of action in schools are sneaking in guns and killing their classmates en mass?  Right, almost none.  They’re too busy getting laid and being super happy.  I’ll give you a few minutes to google “school shootings” and will wait here until you get back with your research results…  okay, done?  Good!  Just what I thought.  So, we’ve come to the conclusion that making sweet love to a woman will ensure “happiness” in a man’s life (and some ladies lives) to the extent he doesn’t want to kill his fellow man, at least not in bulk.  After twenty years of marriage, he may soon want to kill her for getting on his last good nerve, but at least he’s not killing every co-worker in gun-sight or flying planes into buildings.

Don’t believe terrorists are almost always beyond getting laid?  I would like to submit into evidence exhibit A…

Terrorist Studs!

Look mom, it’s the Back Alley Boys!  Or is it NSTYNC?  Like I said, these guys couldn’t get laid in a camel whore house with a bag of dates and jars of fresh hummus.  By the way, the dude in the middle with the scars on his face was not roughed up by the CIA in a black-ops prison in Eastern Europe as you might think.  He was actually required to take a beating in the face  every morning with a razor strap (200 lashes) for his lack of beard growing ability.  Hey, it’s in the “muslim bible”, look it up.  Wait, on second thought, according to islamic law you can be executed for touching the koran (being a vile and dirty half monkey infidel), so scratch that.  Don’t worry beardless dude, what you lack in beard growing ability you well make up for in Eddie Vedder hair-do ability.  Move to Seattle after you get out of prison in 40 years and you’ll be stirring your Starbucks coffee with a vagina. 

So, where in the hell am I going with this you might ask.  Actually, I’m glad you finally did ask.  What took you so long?  Check out this article about a 19-year-old woman in Saudi Arabia who was beaten near to death (200 lashes) and sentenced to six months in prison… for being gang raped!  No, I didn’t type that wrong, she wasn’t beaten by the many men that raped her, but rather sentenced and carried out by the judicial system who found her guilty of being in the presence of another man she was not related to.  She was in the car with him when two men car jacked them and drove them to a remote location where seven other men gang raped her. 

You see, in the Islamic Republic of Saudi Arabia, women can’t even be around another man not related to her.  Maybe this explains the high level of gang rapes?  Or maybe the even higher level of incest and molestation in smaller towns throughout the middle east.  Women aren’t allowed to drive either, so maybe that’s why she had to have a male companion driving her around in the first place assholes!  I know what you’re thinking, if the ladies aren’t allowed to drive there, at least some good comes from these theocracies, right?  I kid, I kid.

So, what’s the moral of the story?  Remember ladies, you don’t know how good you’ve got it in this country until you’ve been raped and not sent to jail and not beaten 200 times across the back for it.  Look on the bright side, at least after being raped you’re not going to prison and getting raped more like in Saudi Arabia.  Am I right?


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