Movie Review: Indoctrinate U

I’m not big into documentaries, mostly because its primary goal is usually to raise money for some fringe organization more so than to raise awareness for an issue.  But, Indoctrinate U looks promising just on it’s preview merits alone.  I spent my college “career” almost universally disagreeing with everything that came out of my professor’s mouth that didn’t come with a mathematical proof attached to it.  And sometimes even the ones with proofs were suspect.  Nothing like a business law professor reducing a grade on a test due to his personal interpretation of the 2nd amendment (which does exist) and the mysterious privacy amendment (which by the way, doesn’t).  But hey, at least the stripper in the class got a B, right?     

Needless to say, this movie looks like my cup of tea.  I support anything that puts college professors and administrators on notice as they sit in their ivory towers complaining about others sitting in their ivory towers.  So, as soon as I get a hold of the DVD of this movie I’ll be sure to do a full HDW Movie Review.  Until then, go to the website and sign-up and watch for a screening near you.  Who knows, maybe you can get the University to sponsor an on campus viewing?  

Even better than that preview is this little excerpt from the film.  Good ole Columbia University.  The land of diversity.  This has got to be the best movie ever.  I’m sure it will be up for an Oscar this year, right?  Right?  Riiiight!


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