Move Over Thunder, Astro

When I first glanced at this article, I assumed the baseball teams were fighting over naming rights for their new dome stadium.  Well, wasn’t I surprised when I found out that in fact, Fukudome was not the name of a new baseball stadium dome, but rather an actual baseball player from Japan.  If there is a God, and he’s got a great sense of humor, he’ll let Houston get this player, he’ll let him have an amazing Hall of Fame career, he’ll become the greatest Houston Astros player of all time, and finally, before I die, he’ll have them rename the Astrodome in this great Japanese player’s honor. 


Let’s just hear it directly from the horses mouth…

“I won’t be playing for a Japanese club next season, I’ll play in the majors,” Fukudome said. “I appreciate the fans who supported me for nine years. I hope that the fans continue to root for me when they see me playing in the United States.”

Translation?  Fukujapan!!!


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  1. Breaking News: The Rangers just signed Fukumori. That’s right, Fukudome must have a brother. Now, if only the Rangers would sign Jim Mora as head coach everything would be perfect. And yes, I know Mora coached football, so save your fingers.

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