My Kind of Party (minus all the raping of course)

A woman who passed out at a party and woke up to the fact that she was raped, decided to call the police and report the incident.  Check out this party.   

A woman reported to police that a man sexually assaulted her early Sunday after she went to bed at a house where she attended a party.

The woman said she was invited to the party in the 3000 block of North Bell Avenue and took half a Xanax pill before she left. She drank two mixed drinks containing Everclear and orange juice, and a beer at the party, she said, and then took a few puffs from a “blunt” marijuana cigar.

She began to feel strange and believes someone might have put something in her drink, she said.

Half a zanny, two everclears (what is that, 150 proof?), a beer, and a couple hits off of a joint???  Sounds like a great party.  Lucky for her no one did slip her a date rape drug, ’cause she may have died of an overdose if they had.


Posted on January 16, 2008, in ...And In The News, Drugs Are Bad. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. It’s not rape if you yell, “Surprise!”

  2. Dude, where were you 15 years ago when I needed you? My lawyer sucked!!!!

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