Blue-Green Bay

I was checking out the temperature for this Sundays NFC Championship game (also known as this years loser’s bracket) and it appears the high for the day will be 6.  No, that doesn’t mean that the high will occur at 6, that means the high will be 6.  That’s right, it’ll be a balmy 6 degrees around kick-off for the game against the Giants and by the time the sun goes down around 4:30, it’ll be well below zero, with a wind-chill factor of about 20 below zero.  At that temperature, the state of Florida would freeze, start to uncontrollably shiver, and eventually break-off from the continental United States, drifting into Cuba.  The irony. 

My favorite part of the forecast?  It has got to be the cute little smiling sun icon below.  He’s just smiling from ear to ear, as if anyone not watching the game in a Tonton has the ability to still control any facial muscles.  If the conditions worsen on Sunday (and by worsen, I mean the sun converts to a black hole, absorbing all light and heat from our solar system), we may be looking at the forecast and the score being just about the same — Packers 6, Giants 3

HDW Time-After-Time Machine Prediction: Green Bay 24, Giants 17 



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