Jiffy Lube Job

If you take your car to Jiffy Lube — STOP IT!!!!  If you own Jiffy Lube stock — SELL IT!!!!

I know what you’re thinking… “A dishonest mechanic?  Say it ain’t so!!!!”


Posted on February 7, 2008, in Blogroll, Jiffy Lube, Scam. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. WOW. The same 2 year old video. get some new material bhecause this shit is old news

  2. I don’t care if it’s 20 years old, I’m posting this video once a month for the rest of my f**king life. I’ll stop as soon as Jiffy Lube gives me back the $1,755.00 I’ve given them for oil changes and other repairs and services not performed over the past couple decades.

    So, go back and tell your Jiffy Lube boss to kiss my ass and to kiss my cars tail pipe.

  3. I actually had all the change taken out of my change drawer at my local Jiffy Lube. I went back 6 months later after it happened..filled my change drawer up with money to see if it would be gone..and what do you know it was empty again!

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