More like Mythbusters at this point.

Yeah, the Asian Ghostbuster (aka, Uncle Juniors crazy buddy in the nut house on The Sopranos) is really starting to piss me off.  Why would an organization send in a bunch of idiots who are obviously not trained tactically to apprehend/extract someone such as Ben?

Do we assume the plane wreckage is a cover up plant or real?  Not sure what to think about that.  I’m leaning towards it being a cover up and not an alternative space/time line.

I’m sticking to my guns too — the Oceanic Six must include Sawyer (“I have to get back to him Jack!”) and I’m guessing the last two will be the dog and the baby (A dingo ate my baby).  At this point, I’m only concerned and emotionally invested in the dog getting off the island alive.  Actually, they may end the whole show with the dog sitting on a cold bathroom floor, slowly dying from old age and dreaming the whole thing as he ascends ever so closer to the heavens.  It’s really the only way this will all make any sense.

Also, the polar bear in Africa leads me further to believe in the time travel theory.  We all know (according to Albert Einstein and Hiro on Heroes) that time travel includes teleportation (the bending of space and time) and experimenting with animals would be an obvious route to take during QA, UAT, regression, and acceptance testing.

Anyone seen the movie The Prestige?  I’m waiting on Lost to mention Tesla in an upcoming episode.  In real-life, Tesla believed you could wirelessly transport electricity through the earth and to anywhere on the planet.  He also thought this could maybe lead to teleporting not only data but physical objects as well (the matter cannot be destroyed theory).  Funny how he was right concerning electricity and data about 100 years early.  Maybe Darma was experimenting with these theories and stumbled across the time traveling aspects by mistake.  When this accidentally happened either the company had to clean up the time travelling mess by finding the workers LOST in time, Ben being the companies “Public Enemy Number One”. 

Still doesn’t explain why they’re sending a bunch of rookies to apprehend him.  Unless of course, they’re connected to the island.  Obviously, the dude crying in his living room over the plane being found and not knowing why would lead us to this conclusion.  That and the ghostbuster powers.  Oh, and the pilots martini making powers.


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