You’re the O-Bomb-a!

Bill “Ted Kennedy” Clinton

 Obama continues to pound Hillary Clinton into the ground during the primaries, which of course puts a gigantic smile on my face.  I’m not quite sure who I think would be the weaker candidate in the general election, and I keep going back and forth on this, but while I’m waiting it’s nice watching that worthless evil woman go down in flames.  I was reading some election results for their race in Wisconsin and I came across this article and this excerpt in particular.

In the poll, Obama led Clinton among Democrats and independents, in all age groups except seniors and in all income groups except those making under $25,000 a year. He led narrowly among whites and more widely among men. He was tied among women with Clinton, who would be the first woman U.S. president.

So, Hillary has the support of old white people who used to own slaves and poor white redneck people who wish they still could.  Not surprising, considering her white trash husband only won the White House with a plurality of the vote at around 43%.  Thanks Ross Perot, you nut job idiot. 

So, now the Republicans in Texas get to decide who they want to win between Obama and Clinton and ultimately who McCain will run against in the general election.  You see, Independents and Republicans can vote for either the democrat candidate or their own.  Since McCain is a sure thing now, Republicans can decide who they want to win in Texas on March 4, by voting for Hillary or Obama.  We have two weeks to decide.  I’ll be crunching some numbers and posting them here over those two weeks.  Please comment here and give me your opinion on who you think is the weaker candidate and more easily beatable in November. 

Oh, and one last thing… God I hope we get to see Hillary cry again.  She’s setting the woman’s movement back 50 years.  Got to love her, huh ladies?   


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  1. “She’s setting the woman’s movement back 50 years.”

    I don’t know why, but I had to re-read that after having a very disturbing mental picture.

    I think that Obama will win the Presidency but not for the right reason. For a very small few it is and will be a racial thing: meaning, some people (irregardless of their own race) will vote for him because they would like to see a black president. And there really isn’t much else to it. I’ve got an in-law that is of that very mindset.

    I also think that McCain is too much a straight talker. People don’t care about Obama’s lack of a record on anything. They like to listen to Obama speak more than Billary or McCain. Obama’s rhetoric will hypnotize them into voting for him without thinking about what he is really saying. McCain says what he really believes is best for the country, and not necessarily what he thinks will get him elected and I think the masses really don’t appreciate that. Their thought process is, “We got that with George W. (though lacking any eloquence) and almost anything that reminds us of George W. has got to be bad.”

    I am speaking mainly of the moderates here. We already know the hardcore Conservatives are going to be babies about the whole election because they believe the spin that McCain is an uber-liberal. It’s a very childish stance, but they would rather see this country run into the ground by a Democrat so a Mitt Romney can win in 2012. Don’t underestimate the destruction a democratic Congress and presidency can do to this country. Look what the republicans did when they had a full house (spend, spend, spend, and bicker). Party diversity can be a good thing.

    Most moderates don’t think a whole lot about politics, nor do they care. That’s when it gets down to a popularity contest. McCain most likely will not swing the liberal moderates as Obama is simply more likable and, well, he’s perceived as completely fresh.

    The good thing is Obama probably won’t be able to get much done. I think he’ll turn out to be another Jimmy Carter.

    Before Obama wins, you’ll want to move all your stocks into low risk bonds. Also beg your boss for a paycut. It will save you in the long run.

  2. Well, I disagree with you on two points. One, that Obama will win in November, and two, that he will be the democrat candidate in the first place. I actually do believe Hillary will pull it out of her ass. She has Florida and Michigan sitting out there and will bring in the lawyer parade come convention time if the vote is close (which it will be).

    This of course is what I’m hoping for. I hope the two of them are tied for the lead by then and she has to piss off the black vote and he has to piss off the female vote. McCain will just sit back and watch the bloodletting. I, on the other hand, will be sitting back and enjoying the bloodletting.

    I’m working on a post now to explain why I’m leaning towards hoping Hillary gets the nomination, but I could still pull for Obama to be the one to lose to McCain. I’m not 100% sure yet, but close. More to come.

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