Wrighteous Indignation

The democrat party is really really really (really) upset with John McCain.  Well, not for anything John McCain did, but for an advertisement the Republican party of North Carolina is running in that region that mentions the connection between Barry Obama and his America hating “spiritual” mentor.  Ready to see the most insideous ad since the Willie Horton commercial?

I know what you’re thinking — did I accidentally post the wrong video?  Nope, that’s the “horrible” video the democrats are fuming about.  Without going into the obvious rant about how thin-skinned and weak-minded these idiots on the left always seem to be, I’ll instead comment on the left’s common response to anything that “hits a little too close to home” for them.  What’s their common response you ask?  What, righteous indignation, of course.

“The fact that Senator McCain can’t get his own party to take down this misleading, personal attack ad raises serious questions about his promise to the American people that he will run a civil, respectful campaign,” Obama spokesman Hari Sevugan said in a statement.

So, let me see if I have this straight, McCain should be held responsible for this ad—which McCain has already condemned and begged to be taken down—but Barry Obama shouldn’t be held responsible for what his pastor of twenty years preached to him and his young children?  Got it!  We should hold McCain responsible for what the local Republican party of North Carolina preaches, but not what Obama’s preacher preaches!?!?!?  How does this sound democrats?

No, no, no, not God bless Barack Obama… GOD DAMN BARACK OBAMA!!!!  GOD DAMN BARACK OBAMA!!!!

Hurts doesn’t it Barry?


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