Yes, She Can!

After watching Mrs. Palin, I want the ticket flipped — McCain For VP, Palin for President!

Sorry John, but Mrs.Palin is absolutely bad to the bone.  The only thing I worried about was her speaking skills.  Well, I got to tell you that after watching her first speech, I’m not worried anymore.  Not at all.  Can she speak?  YES, SHE CAN!  Can she lead?  YES, SHE CAN!  Can she hunt, and fish, and raise a family of five (including a special needs child), and be a beauty queen, and become mayor, and become governor, and reform state wide corruption?  YES, SHE CAN (and did)!

Can she become VP?  YES, SHE CAN!

Can she become president?  YES, SHE CAN!

I just can’t stop thinking about what Hillary is doing right now.  She’s probably still in her bedroom, still in bed, and still in her long flannel granny pajamas, curled up with a large box of bonbons and Kleenex watching CNN while Bubba keeps bringing in various soups for her to try.  “I hate you Bill and this sh|tty worthless and loveless marriage I endured for you… and for what?  Why lord, why?!?!?  I could’ve married Webster Hubbell when I had the chance.”  To which Bill will reply, “Wait, is that Palin speaking on TV?  That’s not her daughter?  <mumbling under his breath>Wow, the chicks are that hot in Alaska!?!?  Honey, you know what you need?  A long vacation.  Hey, I’ve got an idea.  Let’s buy a nice summer vacation home…. in Alaska!”  To which Hillary will snap back, “It’s winter and we can’t afford it Bill, I spent all our money on a failed campaign, remember that asshole?”  While running out of the room and slamming the door to avoid the hot bowl of soup Hillary threw at him, he replies, “YES, WE CAN!”

And to think, the best part of all.  Now our grandchildren will never ever ever need to know who Hillary Clinton was when they read their history books.  “Look Mommy, one of many random and generic senators from New York!”  And Bill Clinton will not be the first first gentleman either.  Be gone Clintons, be gone forever!  This is a great day in history for history my friends.  A great day indeed.  Drinks on me!

Note: About six minutes into the video, check out what this photographer decided to do.  Not cool dude, not cool.  A little respect for our future VP (and four years from now, president).

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  1. I disagree, she is a ploy! After being outed about her teen daughter’s pregnancy, she quoted ” she and her boyfriend decided to keep the baby and get married.”

    Well if her stance is what she claims, (no-choice) then where was the querey? She stated 3 years ago that abortion was wrong weather rape, incest, or adultery.

    WHat DECISION????????????

  2. For one thing, no one “outed” her 17-year-old daughter’s pregnancy, for another, I think it’s fine time we stop always assuming when a woman earns a position it is a “ploy” or that she doesn’t deserve it. It’s disrespectful to all the women who work their asses off raising a family AND who also have a successful career. Triple shame on you if you’re a woman.

    Is Obama a ploy?

    As for her stance on abortion (something that ranks barely in the top 100 things HDW really gives a shit about), I’m hoping you’re not lumping adultery in with rape and incest? I for one can disagree with my candidate on an issue and still not think it’s a show stopper. If you want to kill the baby, it’s no business of mine (just as long as my taxes aren’t wasted on it) and I feel it’s between you and your God (and maybe the father if he knows you’re pregnant or you even know who he is). But, if a leader stands up and tells me abortion is an efficient form of birth control and that taxpayers should have to pay for it, I’m sorry but I’m going to have to call bullshit.

    Do you think an abortion is cool in the event of adultery? I know Bill and Hillary Clinton do!

    Regardless, this woman has proven herself to me so far and I’m loving her more and more every day I get to know her. So is the rest of America, contrary to people like you and the media trying to destroy yet another human. Classy Margo, real classy.

  3. I am interested to see how Sarah Palin will react after she is brutally raped and impregnated. I wonder if she will keep the baby just to “Save Face.” Would that not be a shame. She is not helping Women’s Rights at all.
    How has this lady proven herself to you? Did you happen to see the protest in Alaske where 1400 people showed up to stand against here. That doesnt happen often up there. You may want to rethink your stance on John McBush and Wonder-Man.

  4. WOW! Please keep on making comments like that on as many websites as you can. You have no idea how many votes it gets us. We thank you.

    But I do want to know what sick fantasy world do you live in where you’re wondering what someone would do after they are “brutally raped and impregnated”? I’m guessing you’re referring to the .5% of the abortions that occur because of a raped woman being impregnated. Who knows what your warped mind is thinking. Are you saying you’re okay with outlawing abortions for everything except in the event of rape? I’m game if you are lady.

    What am I doing? I’m not going to argue with someone who has no basic thought process to argue their point, so I’ll let you continue to live in your sick world alone. But what you should focus on is what a politician would do to the horrible man that would brutally rape a woman. If you’re truly concerned about women’s rights so much, there’s a good place to start. Leave the baby’s rights to us people who actually care about them.

  5. Oh, and people opt to keep a baby not to “Save Face” as you call it, but because it’s a f**king baby! You may keep a baby to save face, but most of us do it because we know it’s the right thing to do regardless of the reasons you’re with child. You must be a great mom.

  6. [quote]
    Mrs Magoo says:
    She is not helping Women’s Rights at all.

    Thinking that abortion is a “Women’s Rights” issue is akin to terrorism being a “Freedom of Religion” issue.

    I don’t think they should make abortion illegal, but they should sterilize stupid people.

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