On Your Marx…

O Marx The Spot
Anyone that knows me knows I have a special place in my heart for politicians who use class warfare and welfare as a means to redistribute wealth and gain power.  The purpose of a governments power of taxation is to collectively pool resources together and perform tasks and build infrastructure that the private sector is unwilling or incapable of performing (i.e., roads, bridges, militia).  Collecting taxes explicitly for the purpose of giving free health care to 10% of the population at a cost to the other 90% (cost in dollar amount and quality of care) is not what our government is tasked with doing according to our constitution.

Today, the power to tax is the power to kill or take someone’s life.  Taking money from someone who spends valuable time away from their families earning it is the same as a government imprisoning someone.  My federal government has taken five years of my life away by threat of imprisonment and everyone else who had made the conscious decision to actually work for a living.  Those who spent years getting an education and forgoing partying throughout their twenties are now going to be asked to finance another persons decade of drinking, getting high, screwing around, and spitting out babies.  We all make choices and we should all have to live with those choices.

But alas, alone comes our savior.  Our lord and savior Chairman 0bama.  The audio in the link above is further and mounting proof that this country is soon going to be a socialist nation, filled with the have nots and the have nots.  Oh, and the political elites, aka the haves……. Marx Chairman 0bama’s words!

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