Red Meat, Blue Balls!

Red Dawn
The attached image and link is that of the 2008 presidential election results by county.  Some interesting observations (besides all that red gun clinging).

  • Thanks a lot college towns of Gainesville and Tallahassee in Florida.  Isn’t it enough we’re paying for your college already?  You unappreciative assholes.
  • Check out that one big square in the middle of Maine that went for McCain.  Looks like Bob, Jimmy, and Bill, the only three guys that live in that area, are being surrounded.  Don’t give up!
  • Checkout the border counties with Mexico.  It almost forms a fence of blue.  And that’s the only fence you’ll see down there for a while.
  • California isn’t liberal, only the people who live at the beach.  And I’m assuming that red county in Southern California is called San Diego.
  • Oklahoma — The only state with every county going for one candidate.  I said state!  Small cities they call states like the Peoples Republic of Vermont doesn’t count.
  • That white county in the middle of Colorado…. they were all too stoned to go vote, so no one won.
  • If anyone can tell me exactly why there’s a distinct and defined strip of blue through the middle of the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi I would appreciate it.  I checked google maps and it’s not a major Interstate system causing it.  It has me baffled.


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