And In Future NASCAR News…

I was reading an article about the Ford Fusion Hybrid being the pace car for this weekends race (first hybrid pace car ever) and it dawned on me….. what happens to NASCAR in 25 years when they outlaw the internal combustion engine?  Either they go renegade like back during the early years of running moonshine (my vote), or they convert to electric cars.  Imagine that pit stop for Dale Jr the Third!

“I think I can make it without coming in for a charge dadgummit,” exclaims Third!

“Damn it Third, get that Hyundai/Stella/Duracell/Amp/NAACP 3.5 car in here and plugged into the outlet this instant!  Mark Martin is already charging his car and will be back out there in less than six hours,” screams Third’s crew chief, Dale Jr.

“Come on Daddy, I can make it!.  Just throw me out the Lowes Depot extension cord…. it’ll reach this time!!!!!!

Later that evening on SportsCenter… “Tonight on SportsCenter, highlights of the Taco Bell Mexico City 500, Third coming in next to the last place, just beating out Kyle Petty once again, after thinking he can make it to the finish line with just half an ohm left in the ‘tank’.”  What do you have to say Third,” asks the ESPN reporter as Third takes a big gulp of Stella Light?  “This is bull!  These Inductive Voltage Restrictor Plates can kiss my country !!!”  Back to you Stu.<!–Dananuant Dananuant>


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