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Lil Sparky
Even Smurfs Go Bad.  Most Have Never Heard of 1st Degree Murder Smurf for a Reason.

Just had a great website forwarded to me. Click here and check out all the last words of death row inmates in Texas.  I had to go and make myself a big bowl of popcorn and just can’t pull myself away from this really fun and entertaining read (and yes, I did use one of those electric poppers… to add to the ambiance).  Before you start feeling sorry for these f**king animals with all their “I’m sorry” and “I now love Jesus” and “I’ll miss my family” bullshit, make sure you read what this guy did.  He’ll make you realize the true importance and the beauty of the death penalty. 

You know who else is going to miss their families asshole?  That’s right, the innocent family member(s) you took from them because you were too f**king lazy to get a job like a real human.  The persons you murdered didn’t get to read their last statement to their families to tell them they love them, f**k face!  The person you murdered could not be reached for comment. 

If I had my way, I’d set the chair up to be voice activated and go off the first time you said the word sorry or forgive.  Better still, a secret word, like from the 80’s Nickelodeon kids show You Can’t Do That On Television, except instead of getting slimed, you’d get fried to a crisp until death.  Of course, if you disagree with me, well, please just click here.  

My personal favorite quote so far was from the guy that ended his statement with a quick, “Alright… murder me warden!”  Be sure to comment with your favorite Last Words statement.  Sorry guys, no video on this website as of yet. But look on the bright side, it’s Texas, so it’ll happen eventually.  You stay classy Texas, you stay classy.


Mommy, Where Do Dead Babies Come From?

Answer: From liberals just trying to help sweetie. 

In this article, a woman decided to save the planet by having herself sterilized, never to “accidentally” produce a baby again.  After getting pregnant several years ago she decided to have the baby scrambled and sucked from her womb.  Damn it, I mean fetus, her fetus scrambled and sucked from her womb!  And to think, if I were pregnant I’d be worried about silly things like whether the baby had ten fingers, ten toes, or was generally in good health.  I’m sooooo f**king selfish.  To each “his” own I guess. 

Well, believe it or not, it wasn’t enough to save the planet by just terminating her bab… err, I mean pregnancy. 

Incredibly, so determined was she that the terrible “mistake” of pregnancy should never happen again, that she begged the doctor who performed the abortion to sterilise her at the same time. 

So, this idiot can no longer reproduce… YAY!!!!  I have a quick question for her though.  Does she think that if Al Gore’s mom had an abortion that the planet would actually be better off today?  Actually, don’t answer that one, bad example.  I will agree with the obvious fact that it appears that this woman not being able to reproduce is in fact a good thing for the planet.  Remember, the nut rarely falls far from the tree (pardon the tree hugging pun).  As a matter of fact, I think all you “green” eco-friendly global warmists out there should do your part and get sterilized.  Screw carbon credits, I’m ready to purchase Sterilization Credits.  I got it — Footprint Credits!  Saving the planet by reducing actual footprints, one f**king liberal douchebag at a time! 

Jesus: Remember when you looked back and there were only one set of footprints on the beach during those tough times?  

You: Yes Jesus, I remember.  Was that when you were carrying me?

Jesus: No asshole, that was when you murdered your child and had a doctor remove my only true gift of creating life!  Thanks for saving the planet for the roaches though.  

You: Anytime Jesus.  Anytime.

Here Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby….

To Catch a Dolphin

It’s Funny Cause It’s True

 A CBS sports television producer was arrested when he attempted to trade his Miami Dolphins tickets in exchange for sex with an 11-year-old girl.  The producer thought he was in a chat room with a father willing to sell his little daughter for the NFL tickets.  Turns out, the father was actually an undercover detective (thank God).  Really CBS employee?  You actually thought a father would do that… for Miami Dolphins tickets!?!?  The shitty Dolphins???  Really?  The same game that wasn’t even close to sold out and you could score tickets from a scalper for like $20?  Come on asshole!!!!

All kidding aside, if we’re all really good this week and we pray as much as possible, maybe, just maybe this guy will be thrown in a Broward County lock-up for a stretch while awaiting trial.  While there, maybe the guards will tip off a few of the bigger, blacker, hornier inmates about this sick f*cks charges.  Who knows, maybe his prison bitch will exchange sex with him for a pack of New Ports.  Nah, not New Ports, Kools maybe, but he’s certainly worth more than New Ports, right?  Either way, we can dare to dream.

I wish someone who opposes the death penalty would come to this site and explain to me how they can think these devils incarnate should still have their heads attached to their bodies after being found guilty of such crimes in a court of law.  Yes, give them due process, but then give them a fast track appeal and once they’re found guilty (and appealed), they’re executed.  Done.  No, it won’t stop all pedophiles, but it’ll stop some still alive and all that are dead.  I promise you that 100% of the pedophiles executed will never hurt another child again.  Ever! 

Please, I beg of you.  Come explain the reasoning of your opposition to the death penalty.  I need to know how you tick.  Someone who feels the need to stand outside of a prison and hold a sign with scripture and shed a tear while these animals are executed way too humanely for my tastes.  Animals like this John Couie who raped and buried Jessica Lunsford alive.  Please, bring the Bible, the US Constitution, the New York Times.  Anything to make me understand why you’re not a complete and utter stupid piece of shit. 

Then, I’ll explain to you why you should be sitting in the laps of these animals getting horsey rides while they’re in that electric chair.  God charges you with one important task above all others… protecting children.  I’m willing to chance my soul to hell for eternity to ensure these bastards never get a chance to get near my child or anyone else’s.  That’s called faith in God, and you should try it sometime you greedy selfish sanctimonious asshole.  Anyone?  Any takers?  Please!!!!