COQ Compiler

Well, well, well, the French have invented a little programming language and decided to name it COQ.  So, let’s put 20 seconds on the CLOQ and see how many IT jokes we can tell.
  • So, I see here on your résumé that you had extensive experience working with COQ in college.  Can you elaborate?  (HDW)
  • Staring at a monitor all day will make you go CoqIDE. (QOK)
  • Describe a time when you’ve handled COQ before.  (DF)
  • What is the name of that software language you used… it’s right on the tip of my tongue!  (HDW)
  • What shop are they over at Microsoft again?  Oh, that’s right… they’re a COQ Shop.  (HDW)
  • Is COQ blocking or is it ASSynchronous?  (QOK)
  • To install COQ, just unzip it.  (QOK)
  • COQ is bloatwear?  (QOK)
  • Free as in speech, or free as in COQ?  (QOK)
  • Just put the COQ disk in the hard drive.  (QOK)
  • When is the next rollout of COQ?  (QOK)
  • Terabytes COQ. Bitch.  (QOK)
  • COQ is a third-party tool.  (QOK)
  • Does COQ output Big O notation?  (QOK)

Well played QOK.  You win!  Your prize?  You guessed it; COQ!!!  Thanks for playing with my COQ.


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